Welcome Bacchus Marsh – Victoria’s newest club – to the BMXA family!

COVER PIC: Courtesy of Bacchus Marsh BMX Club Facebook Page.

After commencing discussions with their local council back in 2010, the Bacchus Marsh BMX Club, located 50 kilometres north west of Melbourne, is officially affiliated with BMXA.

President of the newly rebuilt club, Les Stewart, is proud to be finally at the end of their very long road and can’t believe that their opening day is this weekend.

“I grew up here in Bacchus and back in the 80’s, BMX was quite big here,” Stewart explained.

“It all started when my son began racing about 12 years ago. We were going to a lot of the race meets and we started running into kids from school.

“We sort of scoped our area and realised that there was big participation based in Bacchus Marsh and we would all have to travel to Sunbury to compete. So, a few of us got together and went to council, that was back in 2010.”

Development was put on hold for many reasons but predominantly, it was due to funding. It was only when the council began redeveloping an area to create the Bacchus Marsh   Recreational Area that things began to move.

“I always felt that every two steps forward, it was three steps back,” Stewart continued.

“Council are now creating a sporting hub and we are very excited to be a part of it.”

Waiting nine years for the thumbs up can take a toll on a team, and while there have been setbacks, reshuffling, and lots of waiting, Stewart is proud of the commitment the Bacchus Marsh committee have displayed as they count down the days until their official launch.

“A lot of people have come and gone,” Stewart said.

“I’ve got a good team at the moment who are all working very hard for this weekend.

“We are expecting 100 riders to line up on our new gate, including councillors, local politicians and a great turn out.”

While encouraging entries for their event, Stewart relishes at the opportunity to share information on his track and loves that it is a strip open to all ages and abilities.

“The aim of the track is to cater for all levels of riders. From beginner right through to the elite,” Stewart said.

“All the jumps are very friendly and are open for multiple combinations. This can help develop riders and it’s got a bit of everything for everyone.


One of our Local riders getting some air time on our Pro Section

Posted by Bacchus Marsh BMX Club on Monday, September 30, 2019


“In particular, our second pro straight has big jumps. But also includes triples and doubles which means that riders can attack it any way they want.

“Some of the jumps are up there with the biggest in the country and with the triples and doubles within them, it means it isn’t as intimidating.”

The location is 45 minutes west of Melbourne and includes major accommodation as well as a great country atmosphere. This weekend in particular has the Strawberry and Cherry Festival officially opening the harvest season and includes a rock band, fireworks and a wide range of other entertainment.

In short, it’s the perfect opportunity to open the Bacchus Marsh BMX Club and YOU can turn up on the day and enter!

The entry fee is $8 per rider and capped at $20 for a family of three or more.

For more information visit their club Facebook page – HERE or their Facebook event page – HERE

Well you have heard the rumours now let’s make it official!!

Bacchus Marsh BMX Club Grand Opening Clubby

Let’s get…

Posted by Bacchus Marsh BMX Club on Wednesday, October 23, 2019