The BAD BOY Weekend Wrap just for you!

COVER PIC: Tristyn Kronk competing at the second round of the 2018 BMXA National Series. (Pic courtesy of ProLab Projects)

This week’s BAD BOY Weekend Wrap takes us to Queensland and Victoria for exciting BMX racing. Wet weather was on show, but that doesn’t stop Aussie riders from hitting the track. Take a look at what went down! 

 2018 Sugar City Classic

There was a triple threat of BMX sweetness in Queensland over the weekend as the 2018 Sugar City Classic provided a healthy dose of racing for riders around the state.

Held over three days, the event made its first stop at Sarina BMX Club on Friday October 12, where the first three motos for competitive and participatory classes commenced.

Dropping out of the gates and crossing the line first were a bunch of riders who backed it up and gave themselves the best possible start against their opponents.

They were:

  • Zoe Weatherhead (8-girl’s) Bayside BMX Club
  • Zachary Leviston (9-boy’s) Townsville BMX Club
  • Nate Marokske (10-boy’s) Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club
  • Regan Steindl (10-girl’s Sarina & District BMX Club
  • Oliver Rivers (11-boy’s) Moranbah BMX Club
  • Chayse Ireland (12-boy’s) Rockhampton BMX Club
  • Shiann Akers (12-girl’s) Moranbah BMX Club
  • Sarah Reissenberger (13-girl’s) Townsville BMX Club
  • Jessica Doring (15-girl’s) Walkerston BMX Club
  • Jack Ryan (16-boy’s) Harbour City BMX Club
  • Craig Cullen (35-39 men) Townsville BMX Club
  • Lachlan Jeffs (8-10 boy’s cruiser) Townsville BMX Club
  • Toby Dunphy (13-14 boy’s cruiser) Harbour City BMX Club
  • Shanahan Starret (30-34 men’s cruiser) Mackay Pioneer BMX Club
  • Letitia Weatherhead (35-39 women’s cruiser) Bayside BMX Club
  • Tristyn Kronk (men’s superclass) Walkerston BMX Club
  • Des’ree Barnes (women’s superclass) Beenleigh BMX Club

To see the full list of results from Day 1 – CLICK HERE

Wet weather came down hard over the weekend and unfortunately, Walkerston BMX Club couldn’t host the second day which resulted in riders being reverted back to Sarina.

Coming down to the finals on Sunday at Mackay Pioneer BMX Club, riders were ready at the gate for an excellent showdown of BMX racing and didn’t they perform!

Headlining the event were the men and women’s superclass riders and there were some quick times.

Standing tall on the men’s podium was Tristyn Kronk from Walkerston BMX Club who beat home fellow club member, Michael Wallin and Proserpine rider Peter Little.

Watch their race below!

In the women’s event, it was the Des’ree Barnes show as she convincingly won every single moto before backing it up in the final. Rounding out the podium with Barnes on top was Celeste Barr from Townsville BMX Club and Pine Rivers rider, Tenielle Botfield.

Watch their race below!

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2018 Park Orchards Clash of the Titans

Our next and final stop of the weekend wrap takes us to the Victorian BMX Club of Park Orchards where they held their 2018 Clash of the Titans on Sunday.

Over 300 ‘titans’ threw everything they had into the track and some of them produced very impressive results never missing the beat all day.

Take a look at the undefeated riders below:

  • Harvey Brooks (8 expert boy’s) Knox BMX Club
  • Jessica Lacy (9 expert girl’s) Knox BMX Club
  • Tyla Hall (9 expert boy’s) Sunbury BMX Club
  • Spencer Wardle (8-9 novice girl’s/boy’s) Knox BMX Club
  • Brenden Sala (11 expert boy’s) Knox BMX Club
  • Chase Stone (10-11 novice boy’s/girl’s) Eastfield BMX Club
  • Joshua Jolly (12 expert boy’s) Knox BMX Club
  • Connor Fallon (13-boy’s) Lilydale BMX Club
  • Jake Seeber (15-boy’s) Park Orchards BMX Club
  • Amber Rossborough (16-girl’s) Frankston BMX Club
  • Tahlia Lacy (30-39 women’s open wheel) Knox BMX Club
  • Brian Slatter (30-39 men’s open wheel) Sunbury BMX Club
  • Marnie Williams (40-49 women’s open wheel) Knox BMX Club
  • David Comport (50+ men’s open wheel) Lilydale BMX Club
  • Joshua Jolly (13-14 boy’s cruiser) Knox BMX Club
  • Samuel Todd (retro 14-29) Sunbury BMX Club
  • Ashley Grange (retro 30+) Knox BMX Club
  • Tony Harvey (masterclass men) Ballarat-Sebastopol BMX Club

Featuring in the spotlight at Park Orchards were the superclass divisions and the races were full of Victorian BMX shredders.

In the women’s, there was a constant battle for the top spot between Julie Urben Di Giaimo, Emily Fotinioitis and Phoebe Wallen with each rider getting at least one first place finish. The final dictated who would stand tallest and it went Di Giaimo, Fotinoitis and Wallen.

It was a similar story for the men’s event with local home dirt rider, Max Cairns taking on Hayden Fletcher from Mansfield Mt Buller BMX Club. The pair were neck and neck in the final straight before Cairns edged out in front and won with .3 of a second in front of Fletcher.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Looking to the upcoming weekend, all eyes will be fixed on the apple isle as the seventh and final round of the 2018 BMXA BAD BOY National Series makes its final stop at Launceston BMX Club for a one-day spectacle.

Keep up to date with all the action and results as we provide comprehensive coverage of the event.