Details of member fees for 2018, including the introduction of a $20 fee for paper-based membership applications and the removal of non-competitive and freestyle recreational memberships.

BMX Australia Membership fees for 2018 have been set, and with them have been amendments to the categories of membership offered for next year.

CLICK HERE to see the 2018 schedule of membership fees.

From January 1, 2018 there will also be an abolition of Non-competitive Memberships and Freestyle Recreational memberships. Non-competitive members will be required to renew as a Volunteer Member once their current membership expires. This has no cost.

Effective on the same date will be a move to just one Freestyle membership option. Freestyle members will be able to choose a membership at a BMXA affiliated club in their state, and also be a member of Freestyle Australia.

This membership will offer Freestyle riders insurance during training and competition at council approved facilities. Members should check the exact extent of BMXA Member Insurance coverage – CLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW.

With improvements to BMXA’s online offerings in recent months, specifically the BMXA App that allows new members to sign up on the spot online, new memberships and renewals have never been easier, or more accessible.

Accordingly, from January 1, 2018 paper-based membership applications will incur a $20 fee. This has been done to encourage new riders to sign up on the spot, ensuring that they do not wait weeks to hit the track while their membership papers are mailed to BMXA for processing.

It will be the responsibility of clubs to pay paper-based application fees, not members. For each paper-based application submitted by a club, a $20 fee must be accompanied with it before it will be processed.

When members sign up online, as opposed to on paper, they receive instant confirmation of their membership. Those who download the app will also have their virtual membership card readily available at the same time.

NOTE: At this time, fees for paper-based applications will not be charged where the paper membership is required to accommodate a State Sport Membership Voucher system.

It is hoped clubs use these digital tools to their advantage, and the advantage of new members. As previously announced, membership cards will cease to be produced from July 2018, with all members being moved onto a virtual card.

CLICK HERE to see the 2018 schedule of membership fees.