Whilst clubs and group training across the country wind down due to the government policies, coaches are becoming more and more creative to make sure that riders can get in a little bit of riding in their backyard!

Kiel Dellow from Macarthur BMX club has a regular Tuesday coaching group that has run for some time, however last week as a consequence of the new regulations, all coaching at clubs stopped.

Dellow was quick to think outside the box and swiftly reached out to his many riders to gauge interest in video coaching session. The majority of his riders were very interested in giving it a shot so they kept the same Tuesday afternoon time slot.

Dellow, in his Lane8BMX blog, provided an insight into how it went and is looking forward to next week’s session.

“The session was okay considering the massive change. Some teething problems and lots of learning for everyone involved. Lots of benefits for the riders. Some benefits are being active, seeing and talking to their BMX friends, the feeling of training together. The mental benefits far out weigh the physical benefits, which is what is needed in this difficult time.” Dellow said.

On top of this, Macarthur BMX usually has a gate night every Thursday, which was not possible due to the aforementioned restrictions.

This week, Dellow expanded his offering by inviting riders to a home indoor session where riders used rollers, trainers and virtual riding tracks. They were able to ride Macarthur, Sydney and Hawkesbury BMX tracks thanks to some Go Pro footage from previous sessions. Fantastic creativeness and innovation!

Check out some footage from the at home session HERE.

You can check out Dellow’s plan for the session HERE

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