There is an abundance of BMXA clubs and members up for an Inside Sport 2019 Sportscover Clubbies community-based award, and now, they need you to vote!

COVER PIC: Michael Carruthers competing at the first round of the 2018 BMXA National Series at the Penrith BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of LUXBMX/RACE).

With total prizes valued at more than $10,000, candidates were nominated and accepted across eight categories and now is the time for the BMXA family to vote for their fellow members, with the chance to help celebrate their outstanding efforts and achievements.

After receiving thousands of entries, Inside Sport has selected the top 100 finalists and there are eight BMXA members as well as some clubs in the running!

The purpose of this award program is to not necessarily celebrate the best winning record. Rather, they’re looking for the club that embodies integrity, sportsmanship and a sense of community.

Voting is super easy and can be done with a couple clicks.

Get in now and help vote for some of our grassroots heroes! 


The BMXA nominations are:


Michael Carruthers

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Not just a passionate BMX competitor, Michael has also documented the spills and thrills of the sport since 2011. Michael volunteers his time (and equipment) to video events and upload them to his popular YouTube channel.

Nominator Natasha Southwell writes: “Michael spends hours in front of the computer editing and uploading after each event. His recordings have expanded past NSW events to National and Oceania events and he also photographs events for Facebook. With over 4000 videos I could not even calculate the man hours involved. His work has won him BMX NSW Volunteer of the year twice.”

Check out some of Michael’s work below!


Knox BMX Club, Victoria

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Club member Jason Brown has thrown out the challenge: “I dare you to go to most other BMX tracks around the country and argue Knox is not the best.”

Troy Tormay (club president) and the team get kudos for maintaining the top-notch facilities. There is a canteen with EFTpos, built-in timing for practice and a practice track out the back for kids.

Jason adds: “There is a playground, the ability to park trackside for club meets, it’s well-lit at night and has plenty of off-track parking just outside the boundary.”

Get a closer look at the Knox BMX facility through their Facebook page – HERE


Bronwyn Beames

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Southern City BMX legend Bronwyn Beames is a one-person dynamo who makes up for the lack of hands on deck at the Tassie outfit with an unquenchable can-do spirit.

The mum of two is the secretary, treasurer, race registrar, scorer, line official, a publicity officer, event management coordinator, sponsorship officer, communications officer, membership services director, Christmas pageant coordinator, sometimes canteen helper as well as the club’s liaison between the state and national associations.

Somehow, she also manages to hold down a demanding full-time job.

Co-committee member Allison Ralph says she doesn’t have the words to describe her heroic volunteerism. “Just saying thank you does not seem enough.”


Jacci Piergrosse

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Portland BMX Club may be small but there’s nothing tiny about the contribution of volunteer Jacci Piergrosse. A member of the club for eight years, the mother of two officiates at most open meets throughout Victoria.

As well as being the go-to person for all things BMX at Portland, Jacci and her husband get stuck in to ensure the track and surroundings are kept in excellent condition.

Friend Leah Perkins tells us: “Jacci works tirelessly to improve our tiny club. At nearly every open meet you will see her volunteering her time and forgoing seeing her children race to officiate.” 

Kaye Houghton

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: After almost three decades she often sees former riders returning with their own kids – many of them remember her fondly and are amazed by her ongoing dedication.

Spurred on by a burning desire to the see the sport grow and flourish, she is the calm in any storm.

Fellow volunteer Vanessa Tapp says just talking about Kaye’s contribution makes her a little teary. “Her dedication to the sport and the act of volunteering itself is second to none.” 


Kristy Puckridge

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Kristy has been the go-to woman at Proserpine BMX Club since 2011, whether it’s coaching riders to international level or getting on her bob-cat to improve the Whitsundays’ track. Even during personal tragedy, Kristy has continued to coach kids as young as two. She is currently mentoring a rider to become the first BMX racer using one arm.

She is also the on-site mechanic running from one place to another to ensure kids get onto the track.

Daughter Taylor Kerr says: “Many kids would have missed national finals if Kristy hadn’t fixed flat tyres or brakes… she is going where many people are afraid to go, so that BMX is a truly inclusive sport.”

Michelle Darker

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: Michelle Darker is a wanted woman in BMX circles. A selfless and committed coach, her influence is felt far beyond Burdekin BMX Club where she has dedicated 16 years. A state registrar, Michelle has received scholarships to further her BMX skills.

She travels the country volunteering her time at events and still manages to put in three shifts a week at her local club to coach and officiate.

Nominator Lisa Purssell tells us: “Michelle is adored and respected by all the kids. She understands the kids and love for the sport shines through in everything she does.”

Michelle also won BMXA’s 2018 Official of the Year award alongside Garry Pettett.

Check out their story below.


 Blue Mountains BMX Club

INSIDE SPORT’s Synopsis: The camaraderie of the Blue Mountains BMX Club can be expressed through the experience of one member.

Parent and nominator Kristy Boggie writes: “The club has supported me and my family, giving my now teenaged son courage and confidence in who he is. He spent two years, including starting kindergarten, in a wheelchair with the prospect of a hip replacement at the young age of 30.

After 12 months of racing the age for a hip replacement is now 50. (At the club) he has met his Olympic hero and developed so many friends. Without the club my son could have been depressed and isolated.”

What a bunch of incredible individuals and clubs, all deserving of recognition. Here is your chance to let the rest of the Australian sporting community know. 

Voting is super easy and can be done with a couple clicks.

Get in now and help vote for some of our grassroots heroes!