Everything must go – but the proceeds won’t be going into the BMXA kitty.

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Instead, they will go to helping the Rural Fire Services of the states affected who are doing a tremendous job in battling the catastrophic bushfires.

Chair of BMX Australia, Darren Alomes, is simply devastated by the destruction these bushfires have caused and is sure the BMXA family will rally behind this initiative to support those fighting fires.

“These fires have been chaotic and it’s horrifying to see the damage they have caused to Australia’s communities,” Alomes said.

“We hope these proceeds can help those brave individuals and on behalf of the BMXA community, we send our deepest condolences to those affected.”

There are still heaps of 2019 merchandise available for the BMXA community to get their hands on like t-shirts and a limited supply of hoodies!

Simply head to the member shop through OSM and get yours now – HERE!

Members could even buy the merchandise and donate to those in effected areas by heading to this link – HERE