Read the comments from BMXA President Neil Cameron for details regarding the intention behind Monday’s state team practice sessions

Dear BMXA members,

The upcoming national championships are an event I am much looking forward to, and I believe most of you are too.

However, Monday’s (March 19) state coaching session practice times is an issue that is becoming larger than it needs to be.

The original intention of the coaching sessions on Monday (as with the State Sessions in front of each National Series Round) was for the State Coaches/Teams to work with BMXA Coaches to streamline the pathways for riders and ensure that we have a consistent coaching methodology and implementation across the country.

Straight up … this was badly communicated by BMXA.

I’m not about to shoot my staff for opening their mouths, conflicting information was sent to State Boards and State Coaches and inevitably this was made public via a miscommunication.

Given the circumstances we had three options:

  1. Inconvenience everyone by forcing the point that the entire two-hour session would be for State Teams only
  2. Remove the privilege of State Team members to gain access to information and help about their pathways
  3. Compromise

Option 3, a compromise, was chosen. One hour for the state teams, as was originally intended, and one for the states to do what they like.

I have seen and heard plenty of debate about the miscommunication and that’s 100% fair. We stuffed up. We apologise to those that feel they have been mistreated.

However, I want to be clear. These sessions did not exist until the idea was put on the table that we could use the Monday as a day for state teams to practice under the guidance of their coach and the national coach.

It is, extra time – regardless of which way you look at it.

Riders who have worked hard to get into and stay in State Teams deserve the help and support of their States and BMXA. It is the hope of BMXA that as many riders get to experience the privilege of, and enjoy the benefits of their hard work at some point when they too earn selection to a representative team.

Both those who are in a team and those who are not have plenty of time to practice. If you are not a part of a state team, there is one hour on Monday; there is a Bunbury club session on Monday night and sessions on Tuesday.

Microscopic dissection of this scenario is not needed. A mistake was made, and we have rectified that mistake to give more people track time than was originally intended. Given our miscommunication, we have done this as fairly as possible.

If you believe an error has been made, please approach me at nationals. I will be there all week.

See you there,