Here’s what you enjoyed reading about and engaging with during our 2018 BMX Australia National Championships.

Our National championships week in the beautiful city of Bunbury, Western Australia was littered with amazing stories and results, which were on and around the track. We shared those moments with you on our website and social media pages, and they’re too good not to share again.

To start off our most popular stories/posts of the week we begin with the exciting races of the elite men and women’s final of the UCI Oceania Continental Championships on Wednesday, March 21.

The two-time national champion from Caboolture BMX Club, Corey Frieswyk had to nervously wait alongside Geelong BMX Club rider Brandon Te Hiko for a photo finish, to decide who would take out the top spot on the podium.

It was Frieswyk who stood the tallest on the day, with Te Hiko settling for second.

But alongside our men, it was also a great result for New Zealand’s Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker in the elite women’s final. She produced a flawless race to beat home fellow Kiwi Rebecca Petch. Aussie Sarah Jones rounded out the podium.

Here’s the article below!

We knew the Oceania titles would be big before it began, our preview for it was the third most read article of the week! To read that click HERE!

One of our most popular videos ironically wasn’t about an Australian! Rebecca Petch is one of NZ’s most up and coming rising stars and she wasn’t too far behind Sarah Walker placing second in the elite women’s final. Have a look at her video below.

We know that what goes on the track is always going to be very popular, but we also knew that a great story off it never goes amiss. The boys from DK Bikes Factory Team Australia came up with a great initiative to spread awareness for beyondblue who are an independent non-profit organisation working to address the issues of depression, anxiety disorders and related mental disorders.

Raising over $1500, have a look at the most popular video from our week in Bunbury.

Check out the video here:

For all those on Saturday who watched some of the best Australian BMX riders battling it out for the holy #1A plate, you would agree in saying that there were some spectacular results!

One of the most exciting races was from our elite men’s final, with Brandon Te Hiko and Shane Rosa reaching out for the finish line in the hopes of being crowned the new Australian national champion.

Coming second in the Oceania’s earlier in the week, it was a day of retribution for Te Hiko who put everything on the table to come away with a first place victory. Have a look at his relief below.

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The elite women’s final was also a spectacle to behold with Erin Lockwood from Nerang BMX Club coming away with her first ever #1A plate – not just as an elite rider, the first #1A of her LIFE. What a way to do it.

To read about Te Hiko’s revenge or Lockwood’s remarkable success, as well as other fantastic results from our Saturday, take a look at our article HERE. This was unsurprisingly our second most popular story.

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We love talking about our top riders, but we also love the participation that our sport provides to all those with different skills and ages. In particular our Sprockets, who enjoyed their time on track considerably.

Have a look at our awesome sprockets in the video below and see how much fun they had at nationals.

Our 20-inch riders weren’t the only bikes to hit the Bunbury BMX Club track last week either, with our Cruiser classes showing what they’ve got. They produced outstanding results and a couple of upsets too. Have a read of our Cruiser wrap up from Thursday March 22 HERE!

Hometown heroes are the best stories, and one in particular you loved reading about (and we loved writing about) was Bunbury BMX Club rider, Blade Cherubino. The young rider won the #1O plate in the 15 Boys class at the Oceania’s on Wednesday. Calling it a “magnificent” win at home, have a read about Cherubino’s victory HERE.

Not only did Bunbury provide some fantastic results on the track, but the effort and commitment shown by its members to be such welcoming hosts is a quality they should be proud of. Take a look at the community of Bunbury and why we were so happy to have brought our 2018 National Championships there.

The only question that remains is, where to next?