Make sure you’re up to date on the new rule changes + why they have been modified.

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The 2020 BMXA Rulebook and the 2020 National Series Technical Guide have been released.

Alongside the information on entry closing dates, there are a handful of updates which have been done to improve the general aspect of BMX in Australia.

This article highlights those changes, while also containing an explanation by BMXA’s Technical Committee.

2020 BMX Australia Rulebook – CLICK HERE

  • Superclass min age has increased to 16 (year of birth) – per the ruling from 2019.

For more information on this rule, please take a look on the article by BMXA’s national coaching manager Luke Madill – HERE

  • All novice classes are classified as participation classes

This class is very much an entry level to the sport. The class provides newcomers to the sport a chance to experience a race environment prior to racing competitively.  Novice class riders can ride up only into another novice class.

  • The age bracket of male & female 20″ & 24″ has increased after the age of 30. eg 30-39, 40-49 & 50+.
  • Masters classes will be 30+ 20″ only for male & 30+ open wheel for female.Masterclass riders can only ride master class and cruiser and not superclass at the same event.

Both of the above changes are based on the recommendation of an experienced group of senior riders who met with the technical committee during the 2019 national championships.

The feedback was that this will create a more competitive race environment, while also increasing the chance the number of riders in each category will meet the minimum class requirements.

2020 BMXA National Series Technical Guide CLICK HERE

  • Deadman final for classes with more than one gate per rule 12.1.a
  • Each competitor rides an extra moto with 1 full gate or less per rule 12.2.a.

After reviewing the 2019 BMXA National Series, a Deadman Final will only occur for classes with more than one gate, per rule 12.1.a. For classes with 1 full gate or less, an extra moto will occur, and the results will be based on moto points.

  • Gate selection after the motos will be based on last moto’s time (not points).

This is to align with the UCI rule. 

  • Photo finish camera equipment is mandatory for all category NS events and above.

This is purely out of respect for the classification of the event.

  • Increase on the minimum split of the prize pool for superclass from 25% to 40%.

Whilst BMXA continues to endorse a “true gender equity” split, this rule change will balance up the prize pool split between gender, regardless of male/female entries.

  • If a rider is riding up, or the class is combined for any reason, the preference to the above numbering system will be provided to the rider who earned the respective plate in the designated class offered for a specific event.

Example – A 13-year old rider who is currently 1A enters into the 14yr class who also has a 1A rider, the preference will be given to the 14yr rider and the 13yr rider will be required to change their number for the event.   This is out of respect for the rider who has earnt the respective plate for that class. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to who will pass on your inquiry to the relevant individuals.

To read the 2020 BMX Australia Rulebook – CLICK HERE

To read the 2020 BMXA National Series Technical Guide – CLICK HERE