Christmas time through the eyes of the best riders in the world!

From what they want for Christmas as well as what they will get up to.

Here’s their thoughts thanks to

What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you this year?

Dutch world cup champion Laura Smulders – I would say a flight to a warm country but I’ve already bought that myself… haha. Maybe a barista course or something, so I not only look a bit pro with my coffees but actually know what I’m doing, instead of just watching YouTube videos and hopefully doing it right.

2016 Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields – A nice day spent relaxing with friends and family before the 2020 craziness begins!

Dutch powerhouse Niek Kimmann – It might sound crazy to you guys, but we never really celebrated Christmas in my family. When I was a kid we had ‘Sinterklaas’, a Dutch tradition. But if I had to pick a present, just give me time to ride my bike, no present can make me happier than that, haha.

Aussie golden girl Caroline Buchanan – An injury free season ahead.

Australian junior champion Matty Tidswell – My perfect Christmas present would be a GoPro HERO8 black.

World number 9 Kai Sakakibara – Some ultra-lightweight BMX tubes (they’re really expensive!).

Tokyo Olympic hopeful Saya Sakakibara – My perfect Christmas present would be for the weather to be sunny! We haven’t had a sunny Christmas in years!

Australia’s dual Olympian Lauren Reynolds – I’ve dreamt of a white Xmas!! Ideal Christmas is to be with family and close friends, eat lots of yummy food, laugh and enjoy quality time.

Aussie Champ Izaac Kennedy – Probably just getting the chance to spend time with friends and family. Get away from racing and training and enjoy life. Although I wouldn’t mind a fresh pair of Nikes!

Shepparton’s World Cup regular Hayden Fletcher – A good gate at the world cup!

New Zealand’s Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker – We usually have a big lunch on Christmas day, but my favourite part is an adventure race where we get given brain teasers and clues to activities around the area. Doing the adventure race the first year was my gift from mum. It is the highlight of Christmas day for me as it generates a lot of fun and a lot of banter. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

World Cup regular Josh McLean – I’m always getting new stuff for my bike! But the best gift I could get right now is my visa so I can go back to America!

What will you do for Christmas?

Laura Smulders – I will be in New Zealand spending it with my family away from home in the sun, Sarah & Vin and Jessie 🙂

Connor Fields – Not sure yet, I am debating spending it in Australia preparing for the World Cups, so we will see!

Niek Kimmann – I don’t really have plans yet, nothing spectacular, but I will probably just spend time with my family.

Caroline Buchanan – Spend time with family and hit a round of golf with my dad.

Matty Tidswell – My plans for Christmas are going to my grandparents for a Christmas feast with the whole family.

Kai Sakakibara – Hopefully a relaxing day by the pool with family.

Lauren Reynolds – I’ll be in New York with close friends and family this year for Christmas. Just a couple days relaxing whilst preparing for the Australian summer world cups

Sarah Walker – Spending Christmas with family.I can’t wait for the adventure race, everyone gets involved and it has now become a Christmas tradition with some friendly competition.

Hayden Fletcher – Still deciding!
Probably just hanging out with family and eating a lot of food.

Izaac Kennedy – I’m going to my sister’s house for dinner on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day I’ll head to my brother’s caravan park on the Sunshine Coast where I’ll hang out at the beach and eat a lot of food.

Saya Sakakibara – Have a quiet family Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve then probably chilling by the pool on Christmas Day!

Josh McLean – Christmas Day this year will be a pretty quiet one. On Boxing Day though we have some family come over for a big lunch and swim in the pool!