On the 12th day of BMXmas…The 2018 BMXA National Championships in Western Australia are just 84 days away.

This Christmas we’re celebrating 12 of our favourite moments from this year’s National Championships at the Sleemans Sports Complex! While there were countless fantastic moments throughout the entire event, these are the ones that stood out to us!

Feel free to send YOUR highlights to OR simply get planning for the 2018 National Championships to be held at Bunbury BMX Club, Western Australia by checking out all the info HERE. 

On the 12th day of BMXmas…The 2018 BMXA National Championships in Western Australia are just 84 days away.

We’re going to the home of Lauren Reynolds in 2018 – Bunbury BMX Club, and we COULD NOT be more excited!

Our members in WA have been crying out for nationals to head back to their neck of the woods for years, and we’re pumped that we can go.

If you haven’t already booked your ticket, jump online and set up an alert for cheap flights, great accommodation and enter yourself into the races you want to contest.

Merry Christmas, see you there!

On the 11th day of BMXmas…there was a Sakakibara double at nationals.

If the 10th day of Christmas was Kai Sakakibara winning his first elite crown, it’s no surprise that the 11th day was the fact that his younger sister Saya also claimed the junior elite women’s title too.

We’re going to see plenty of this brother/sister combination on the world stage in 2018, especially with Saya stepping into the elite women’s class. It’s gonna be big.

Can Kai defend his title at Bunbury 2018? Will Saya be a force in the elite women’s class as a first year rookie?

On the 10th day of BMXmas…there was absolute mayhem in the 2017 elite men’s national final!

Anthony Dean, Bodi Turner, Kai Sakakibara, Matt Juster, Corey Frieswyk, Brandon Te Hiko, Joshua McLean and Tristyn Kronk made up the final – it was stacked with talent.

But the talking point ended up being a stack at the first turn!

Juster and Olympian Dean collided at the first corner, taking out fellow Rio Olympian Bodi Turner in the process, while Sakakibara navigated the melee perfectly to claim his first elite title.

Bring on 2018; our top men have been putting in the hard yards in the lead up to Christmas!

On the 9th day of BMXmas…Joey Graham did a backflip.

971,100 people can’t be wrong. This was epic. Western Australia’s Joey Graham took it upon himself to stun the crowd at nationals with a daring backflip.

BMX Sports WA administrators might have been momentarily shocked, but we loved it…so did you, and a million or so others.

Next year nationals are in Graham’s home state, and we reckon it would be rude not to show us another party trick.

(NOTE: This is not official endorsement, just one news editors wish that has not been run past BMXA officials…apologies important people!)

On the 8th day of BMXmas…Kale Warner was mobbed by his mates as he won the 16-boys national title.

We call it the #BMXAFamily, and it could not be truer than this race, as Nerang’s Warner upset the apple cart to win the chocolates and quickly be surrounded by his cheering mates at the finish line.

There isn’t a lot more to add here, we loved the camaraderie, and hope that continues as these young riders continue to progress up the ranks!

On the 7th day of BMXmas…Oliver Moran and Corey Taylor had a finish so close at nationals that not even they could tell who had won!

0.033 of a second was the official difference between Manning Valley BMX Club’s Moran and Woorree Park BMX Club’s Taylor when the dust settled after the 15-boys national final!

It was excitement overload as Taylor came from nowhere to challenge Moran.

In two years these young lads will be entering the elite classes…but first stop is the 16-years race on Taylor’s home turf in WA for the 2018 nationals.

On the 6th day of BMXmas…Shannon Petre and Des’ree Barnes won their national titles, and a scholarship thanks to Buchanan Next Gen!

When there are 2x $3000 scholarships on the line thanks to Caroline Buchanan and Jayco Australia, you’d be mad not to enter!

Petre took out the 14-girls race and Barnes the 15-girls event. That made them the top placed scholarship applicants in those classes at nationals.

The cash monies from Buchanan Next Gen was used to help the duo get to the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships in Rock Hill, USA.

On the 5th day of BMXmas…Buddha Baum and Jesse Asmus continued a rivalry to the delight of, well, everyone!

So here’s how it went down. Baum won the 2017 BMXA National Series, Asmus struck back to win the Grands Assault (and a trip to the USA Grands) on the first day of racing at nationals in Brisbane.

But Baum claimed the plate that he wanted, the #1A was with victory on the last day of racing, as he crossed the line just over half a second ahead of the hard charging Asmus.

The stakes are officially raised for when this pair lock horns in 15-boys next year!

On the 4th day of BMXmas…there was a Bella double act as Bella May and Isabella Schramm duked it out for the #1A plate for a second year running.

Was it Groundhog Day? Defending #1A Isabella Schramm was locked and ready to go on the gate of the 12-years-girls final. Also lined up was challenger Bella May, eager to reverse the result from their 11-years showdown 12 months earlier.

When the duo crossed the line there was a just 9/1000’s of a second difference, and May had turned the tables on Schramm. To great young riders put on a spectacle. Look out 2018.

On the 3rd day of BMXmas…Portia Eden & Imogen Healy put on a gripping show in their final at nationals. But Eden suffered heartbreak – then turned it on for worlds!

Eden may not have had the most fun in her final at this year’s nationals, but geez we love a rider with a bit of fight – and this young shredder has it in spades!

Eden and Healy turned it on for an epic race in the 10-years-girls final, but it all came undone for then reigning world champion Eden at the final corner as her race came to an abrupt end.

Everyone was shattered for her, but the story has a great ending as she still made it on to the Aussie team for worlds – AND grabbed the #W3. Nice. And Healy, she stormed to #1A.

On the 2nd day of BMXmas…Cameron Gatt, Tama Onekawa and Bailey Mills finished on the podium together at nationals – for the second year in a row!

Contesting the nine-years-boys event, the trio found the national podium yet again after finishing top three in the 8-years-boys dais a year earlier. The only difference in 2017 was that Gatt jumped to first from third, Mills from first to third, while Onekawa remained second.

Will it be a hat trick of the Gatt/Onekawa/Mills podium in 2018 at Bunbury BMX Club?

On the 1st day of BMXmas…was an incredibly tight finish between Caitlin Jong, Teya Rufus and Chloe Gibbons in the 11-12 girls Cruiser Class final!

The three riders were separated by a mere 0.4 seconds on the line, a curt reminder that it can come down to the wire in our great sport!  Can’t wait to see this trio back in action in Bunbury…but could another rider lay down a challenge?