Trading on thrills and adrenaline is seemingly the way forward for Bunbury, Western Australia in 2018

Trading on thrills and adrenaline is seemingly the way forward for Bunbury, Western Australia in 2018, with the coastal city 175km south of Perth welcoming a range of major events in the new year, including the 2018 BMX Australia National Championships.

Wildly popular as a location to get up and close with dolphins, or to visit Gnomesville – yes, we kid you not – Gnomesville (it’s home to 3,000 Gnomes scattered in the bush and visitors love it), Bunbury is set to focus on elite human performance in 2018.

In March, the BMXA National Championships will be in town, and the City of Bunbury is projecting 4000 visitors to their city for the event. That number equals the projected number of visitors expected during the internationally popular Nitro Circus event, to be held just a month after BMX.

No doubt, thrills aplenty, and we’re in the thick of it.

Add onto that calendar the Australian Beach Games, the Australia Day SkyFest, and the Action Sport Games. It’s no wonder that Chief Executive Officer of the City of Bunbury, Mal Osborne, told The West Australian that events like the BMX Nationals will have a significant economic effect.

“Tens of thousands of people will be drawn to Bunbury over the course of these events,” Osborne told The West Australian.

“This is highlighted by the amount of accommodation bookings the Bunbury Visitor Centre has already processed for events officials, which is nearing the $90,000 mark – all going back into the local community.”

“With these numbers representing those travelling from outside Bunbury for these events, the economic impact on our city runs well into the millions.”

All up nearly all weekends until February are marked with a major event for the City of Bunbury.

While the frequency of events may reduce slightly after February, the brilliance of the events won’t, with the BMXA national championships the highlight of March. Also taking place during the same week as the BMX titles are the Bunbury City Classic Triathlon, as well as the annual Bunbury Cup Day.

As if that wasn’t enough for you, when the BMX has been run and won, you can experience more of what the adventure playground that is WA’s third biggest city has to offer.

It’s not all dolphins and garden gnomes in Bunbury, but should you find yourself wanting a few days to wind down after a week of exciting BMX action, they’re not a bad place to start.

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