BMXA National Officiating Director Paul Connors travelled to Bunbury BMX Club and has given his seal of approval to the 2018 National Championships track.

Tight, competitive and compliant with what is required for a track hosting the BMX Australia National Championships is the word from BMXA National Officiating Director Paul Connors.

Connors travelled to Bunbury, Western Australia this week to sign off on the track that will host around 2000 Aussie riders for the biggest event on the Aussie calendar. What he also found was bucket loads of enthusiasm for the impending event.

“First of all I was looking to make sure the track was up and ready to go structurally,” Connors said.

“There are a few minor tweaks to be made, but the guys at Bunbury BMX Club are excited to get those done and everything will be in play by March.

“Importantly it is going to be a tight and competitive track and it complies with what is required of a national championship venue. It’s the first time in a while we have been going to Western Australia and I guarantee it will be worthwhile.

“There are ample facilities, enough space for everyone and from what I have found, the local community is pumped to embrace the Australian BMX community.

“But importantly, the track is in good racing order.”

Among Connors’ consideration was how the track layout would suit both spectators and officials.

“We’ll place a lot of focus on the block format in 2018, simply to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to watch their kids and mates race,” Connors said.

“The track layout will also make it easy for officials to move around.”

While the signing off of the track signifies a key milestone for the event, Connors said that the focus over the coming weeks would also be encouraging BMXA accredited officials to volunteer their time to assist the event.

“No Australian titles can happen without a dedicated army of volunteers, and we need about 100 of them,” Connors explained.

“On track officials and volunteers will feel welcomed by the community style facility, and there will be plenty of support for them. For those that want to assist, please register and join us in WA.”

A track ready to be raced on aside, the icing on the cake for Connors was the enthusiasm shown by the City of Bunbury, who alongside the WA Government through Tourism WA have partnered with the event.

“The club are committed, our officials are always committed…but the local council are even more committed. And that is exciting for our sport.”

The 2018 BMX Australia National Championships will be held at Bunbury BMX Club from March 19-25.

Entries are open and riders can nominate to race HERE.

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