Bunbury BMX Club has got a ripper of schedule coming your way!

It’s a big year for the Bunbury BMX Club! In the lead up to the National Championships they have a jam-packed schedule with endless opportunities for riders to get on track before the biggest BMX Australia event on calendar kicks off from March 19-25.

It all starts with Round 1 of the Super Series, which commences on the January 21. If you’re looking to sign up, nominations close on January 14 at 8pm so don’t wait, ENTER HERE.

If you aren’t in town for the Super Series, but arrive in Bunbury ahead of time for nationals, why not take advantage of the time and use it to test out the track. From March 5th to the 8th, gates open from 5pm until 8pm with a $5 entry fee.

The week leading up to the Championships is all about the riders; the track is open for the taking with specific times for all classes. Each class has its own time from Sunday March 11 to Wednesday March 14 of the week with Thursday being an open practice day for all ages.

We start with the fearless sprockets who have their practice times from 8:30am to 9:30am. Make sure our youngest class get their satisfaction of BMX riding every morning with a $5 entry fee.

Our 8-12 years of age riders have the next practice slot with the time of 9:45am to 11:45am accompanied by a $10 entry fee.

 12:45pm to 2:45pm will host the 13-16 years of age riders, who will also be asked for a $10 fee to practice, which equates to about eight cents for every minute on track. Rack up those laps kids – everyone loves a bargain!

The 17+ age class has been granted the time slot of 3pm to 5pm and will also pay eight cents a minute.

 Last but not least, the Junior and Senior Elites of our sport have the 6pm till 8pm session, at the same price bargain as the three aforementioned classes.

Thursday March 15 is an open practice day for riders of all classes to come to the track in case they have missed out on their specific time slot throughout the week. However Friday March 16 will be a no ride day at the Bunbury track with maintenance required to make sure that it is in tip top shape for the start of the Championships.

Seeing as Friday isn’t available for riders, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the paradise which is Bunbury, with a wide range of activities to do. Check them out by clicking HERE to have a look at the Bunbury Fast 4.

Back to BMX riding and the pre-nationals event “Battle Of Bunno” is on Saturday March 17. Stay tuned for further details on what will be a fantastic build up for a phenomenal championship.

You can check out the full schedule and prices below.

Bunbury Practice Opportunities


March 11th to 14th track times