More than ninety people tasted the sport of BMX for the first time recently at Cairns BMX Club

More than ninety people tasted the sport of BMX for the first time recently at Cairns BMX Club “Come and Try” day.  The North Queensland stronghold hosted one of the most impressive and well executed BMXA ‘Come and Try Day’ events in early August.

From the outset, the club put in a fantastic effort to ensure all facets of the day were looked after, including a strong focus on communication to keep all prospective participants updated on what to expect on the day.

Headed up by the club’s dedicated volunteers, attendees took part in a range of activities including practicing gate starts, tackling berms and executing the ever-challenging Cairns final straight.

New riders ranged from ages as young as three to fifty years of age, all whom relished the support and encouragement from the club volunteers. Attendees were also treated to a sausage sizzle and individual show bags full of BMX merchandise.

Click here to view pictures from the event.

So, the question is, could your club hold a ‘Come and Try Day’ as successful as Cairns?

There are no limits to how many of these days a club can hold and to get started, all your Club needs to do is send a Come and Try’ application form to BMX Australia covers all the insurance costs for the day, provided attendance sheets and attendee Risk forms are returned within two weeks.

Promotional posters and flyers are provided by BMX Australia, free of charge, for clubs to use at their own discretion. BMX Australia recommends distributing these around your local area including coffee shops, schools and community notice boards.

Show bags can be ordered to distribute to attendees on the day to encourage signing up for a BMXA membership. Showbags costs $8.00 per bag plus postage, and the cost of the content is subsidized by BMX Australia.

BMXA now also send a welcome letter to attendees encouraging them to sign up to their local club after attending a come and try day event. That’s great reason to send your paperwork back within two weeks!

So, let’s continue to grow BMX in Australia and organise your club’s next ‘Come and Try Day’ NOW!