“Every sport is for every person” – Portia Eden is reaching for the stars.

BMX in 2018 was phenomenal for multiple reasons and 2019 is looking very similar.

The BMXA BAD BOY National Championships and National Series ventured to every single state and territory (for the first time… ever), Australia brought home 14 medals from the world championships in Baku, and a handful of Aussies competed against the USA riders to bring home silverware from the “greatest race on earth”, the 2018 USA Grands.

The list goes on and on, including the recent awarding of the Cairns Regional Council Sportsperson of the Year award to 12-year old BMX racer and world no.1 Portia Eden.

You surely haven’t forgotten this special video from Baku.

“I was really surprised to win the overall sportsperson award,” Eden said.

“I thought I’d be in the young sportsperson category but not this! I was really happy, and it was a great honour. It wouldn’t have happened without my family and their support.”

The Cairns BMX Club rider has a very strenuous training regime and does her best to juggle BMX and school with the help of her parents.

“I would say I train about 5-7 days a week and even when it is raining, I still do some exercise. Sometimes inside, sometimes outside,” Eden said.

“My parents have done so much for me. Driving me to practice and races, as well as raising money to help me pursue my dreams.

“My mum nominated me for the sportsperson award, and I am really grateful she did that. My dad is my coach and my whole hometown was really supportive.”

Taking the top gong in the 11-girl’s final at the world championships in Baku, Eden has begun to develop a strong social media profile and with her new-found followers, she has focused on being an advocate for girl’s participation in sport, particularly BMX.

“We don’t have many girls racing in the Cairns region or Townsville, and I am really trying to push that,” Eden continued.

“Not many girls are into these kinds of sports and I like to think that every sport is for every person. Whether you’re two-years of age or 100… you can do any sport.”

So, what is next on the agenda for the 12-year old world champion?

I’ll be competing at the Aussies, worlds and the USA Grands. I am really concentrating on my BMX and being more determined with my racing. I’ll be doing some racing locally, but I unfortunately won’t be doing any national series stages,” Eden finished.

Like every BMX enthusiast, Eden is looking for the highest glory, but she also eager to continue doing exactly what she is doing now.

“My top dream is the Olympics. But I just love racing in general. Just having fun on the track, having friends and promoting more girls into the sport. It’s a really fun sport.”

Congratulations Portia, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.