Olympian and World Champion Caroline Buchanan just as well known for exploits on the BMX track, as she is for her riding in other cycling disciplines and hard work off track. Away from the heat of competition, one of her deepest commitments is her avocation for women in sport.

Specifically providing young women with the opportunity to excel in sport.

In 2013, Buchanan launched her Buchanan Next Gen sponsorship program, which assists young women with the opportunity to pursue their careers as professional BMX riders.

Over time Buchanan Next Gen have had their own team, or awarded scholarships to budding superstars. In 2018 this successful initiative is on once again, and with the help of Jayco Australia two riders might find a ticket to the world championships in their possession.

Last year’s winners, De’ree Barnes and Shannon Petre had an epic season touring to the World’s at Rock Hill, USA. Both placed on the podium, they were extremely grateful for all the support they got from Caroline and her program.

For 2018, riders will once again have the chance to score $3,000 in cold hard cash, which is to be used for this year’s UCI BMX World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan (Link to worlds page). Here’s the low down from Buchanan herself:

“It’s that time of year again GIRLS!

For 14 & 15 year old girls heading to the BMX Australia National Championships  this year to compete and who are also planning on going to compete at the BMX World Championships in Azerbaijan in the Middle East! YOU are eligible to apply for my Buchanan Next Gen x Jayco Australia $3,000 grant available to support you race for Australia!

You read it here folks! If you are eligible for this fantastic opportunity then don’t hesitate to apply HERE! Entries are closing on February 28.”

To be in the running for the scholarship, importantly applicants must:

  • Applicant and parents must complete and sign the agreement and send it to OR post it to ‘Buchanan Next Gen, PO BOX 671, Woden, ACT 2606
  • Obtain email confirmation of receipt of application
  • Be female and compete in the 14 or 15 girls 20-inch class at the 2018 BMXA National Championships
  • Intend to race at the 2018 UCI BMX World Championships

To be awarded the scholarship the applicant must be:

  • The highest placed eligible applicant in the final of the 14 and 15 girl’s age groups at the 2018 BMX Australia National Championships.


If you are eligible for the scholarship, but are yet to enter this year’s nationals, it’s not too late – entries are still OPEN! Late entry prices have been dropped drastically to $30, so there is still time to be part of the biggest event on the BMXA calendar.

For all information on the event including a link to enter, click HERE!