2020 BMXA National Championships Cancelled

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After exhausting all options and avenues in an attempt to deliver the event, the BMXA board and management have made the decision to cancel the 2020 BMXA National Championships in Launceston. 

Given the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 crisis and following discussions with various stakeholders, it was determined that the safety of members and fairness to all competitors around the country could not be guaranteed, meaning the event will not take place this year.   

Due to the ever-evolving situation regarding COVID-19, hosting a national championships is simply not feasible,” BMXA CEO Shane Coppin said.

“In our decision to cancel the national championships, the board made it clear that the safety of all involved and facilitating the return of BMX at state and community level were the top priorities.”

Coppin praised the event’s local partners for their understanding and willingness to look at every possible avenue for the event to take place.

“Throughout what has been a very challenging process we have found Events Tasmania and the City of Launceston to be willing partners and we are extremely hopeful we can work with them again in the future,” he said.

A full refund of entry fees, admin fees and late entry fees can be obtained after completing the form that can be found HERE.

Once completed, the form can be forwarded to info@bmxaustralia.com.au.

The principal focus for BMXA for the remainder of this year will be fostering club racing and working to ensure all clubs can operate as soon as relevant localised restrictions allow.

The announcement follows earlier cancellations of the remainder of the 2020 National Series. BMXA will award the series winners based on the current standings and will be in touch with each respective winner in the coming weeks.

The UCI has also cancelled the 2020 World Championships. You can read about that HERE.

BMXA thanks its members and the community for their ongoing patience and support during this difficult time.

Planning around the 2021 BMXA calendar and beyond is well advanced and we will pass on any information as soon as it’s available.

BMX Australia Competition Update

As you are aware, BMXA have postponed a number of events as a result of COVID-19 and, as we have done from the outset, we continue to monitor the situation including the advice and regulations from Federal and State governments.

BMXA National Championships – BMXA now have set a proposed save the date for the rescheduled 2020 BMXA National Championships being Monday November 30 – Saturday December 5.

We have been working closely with our partners, including the Tasmanian Government, to set a date and with the existing circumstances this is the date we have arrived on.

While we are planning for the event to take place on these dates, unfortunately we are currently not in a position to say the event will go ahead with 100% certainty, so we advise members to take this into consideration when considering relevant bookings.

At this point in time, we also have no new information regarding the world championships so there is the potential for a clash in dates. If the world championships are rescheduled during the dates above, riders will have to choose between nationals or worlds.

Canberra, National Series round 3 – This event has been postponed. BMXA are investigating the options of rescheduling this event for later in the year. Further information will be disseminated once available.

Alongside the above postponed events, the following BMXA competitions remain in 2020:

Lake Macquarie, National Series round 4 – August 8th

The Cove National Series round 5 – October 24th

BMXA will continue to monitor the circumstances, in close reference to the Sport Australia Return to Sport Toolkit, before making firm decisions on the status of all of the above 2020 BMXA competitions.

Update regarding rescheduling of 2020 BMXA National Championships

As outlined in previous statements, the 2020 BMXA National Championships and Oceania Championships have been postponed, with the intention to reschedule them to a date in late 2020.

We intended to have the rescheduled date released by now, however, due to the unprecedented nature and global impact of COVID-19 that has also forced the postponement of the world championships, coordination amongst all stakeholders is difficult.

We eagerly await and have been seeking a date for the rescheduled 2020 UCI BMX World Championships to ensure that we do not potentially clash with those dates. As soon as the UCI announce a new date, provided there is no clash, we will be able to announce the new dates for the national and Oceania championships. We continue to seek a new date from the UCI.

Given the likely rescheduled date for the 2020 BMXA National Championships will be late in the year, BMXA are conscious that the 2021 National Championships cannot fall too close to this event. We are currently looking at a model where the 2021 BMXA National Championships are potentially held late next year.

BMXA is in constant talks with UCI and other stakeholders in order to finalise and release these dates as soon as possible.

Given Government advice amid the current situation, we also do not expect the 2020 National Series to re-commence until late in the year. We will continue to monitor this situation and update members as things develop.

We thank the BMXA community for your patience in these difficult times and appreciate your understanding as we endeavour to resolve these new event dates as soon as possible.

Updated information regarding National Championships refunds

While BMXA continue to work with the UCI and stakeholders to finalise and advise dates for the rescheduled 2020 BMXA National Championships and Oceania Championships to be held in Launceston in late 2020, we have an update on the status of refunds for these events.

Despite our original intent and every effort to do so, entry fees will not be refunded automatically. Manual refunding of entry fees, admin fees and late entry fees is still possible.

This is unfortunately due to significant challenges in processing automatic refunds.

We apologise that incorrect information was previously disseminated.

Therefore, if a rider originally entered either of the National and/or Oceania Championships scheduled for March, their entry will remain valid and they will still be entered for the rescheduled dates.

If you are still planning to attend the Nationals, no further action is required, you are already entered

If a rider can no longer attend the rescheduled Nationals and/or Oceania Championships, a refund can be obtained after completing the form that can be found HERE.

Once completed the form can be forwarded to info@bmxaustralia.com.au.

If you need any assistance with this, please don’t hesitate to contact BMXA, where we will be happy to assist.

Refunds will be accepted until 30 June 2020. From July 1, 2020, the BMX refund policy will become active, meaning refunds will only be accepted on medical grounds.



Nationals FAQ

When will Nationals be on now?

  • At this point in time we cannot confirm a date for nationals however we currently aiming for November 2020 (subject to change). We are working closely with the range of stakeholders and will make an announcement as soon as we can.

Where will Nationals be?

  • Nationals will still be in Launceston at Launceston BMX club.

Will we receive a refund on entries? When?

  • All participants will automatically receive a full refund on their entry and administration fees, and if applicable, late fees. These refunds will take some time to process with all entry fees expected to be returned within three (3) weeks. We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused by previous communication suggesting refunds would take 7-10 days.

Will administration fees be refunded?

  • All fees relating to Event entry including service/admin fees, will be refunded. Please note merchandise will not automatically be refunded.

When will nominations open again?

  • Once a date is confirmed, a date for nominations opening for Oceania, Challenge and Elite classes will be confirmed. Please note, all entrants will need to re-enter, as previous entries will not be rolled over. Stay tuned to BMX Australia socials for any update.

Can I enter if I didn’t enter the first time around?

  • Yes, you can. Once nominations are opened, anyone can once again enter.

What happens with pre-purchased merchandise? Can we get our money back? Can you post the merchandise?

  • BMXA is currently working through the prepaid merchandise process and the distribution of such. All riders who have purchased merchandise will be emailed directly by close of business Friday 20th March with further information. For those that have not purchased items, an opportunity to purchase the remaining stock will be available once the entry portal is reopened for Nationals.

What happens with plates and Australian flag sleeves – can we keep using / wearing them?

  • All current plates and Australian flag sleeves can continue to be used until the national championships in the last quarter of this year.

Are the 2020 World Championships on?

  • As of Tuesday 17th March, yes. Statement from the 2020 BMX World Championships website (https://houstonbmx2020.com/)
    • “At this point and time we are preparing to host the event as scheduled. With that said, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns continue to escalate, the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority is working with city, state, and national health organizations to collect relevant information and diligently monitor the state of affairs.  Due to the rapidly changing nature of the situation, the Sports Authority is committed to communicating with all appropriate bodies and being flexible with the planning or hosting of any future sporting events.  Our number one concern is the safety of the public, whether it be the athletes, officials, or spectators. We will notify the public as soon as we have any further news or updates.”

How will selections for World Championships work?

  • BMXA are working on a process for selection for the World Championships. We are waiting for further information from UCI and will release further details of the selection process as soon as it is available.

Is Round 3 of the National Series on Anzac Day? When is it on? Where?

  • BMXA has also made the decision to postpone round 3 of the BMXA National Series scheduled for April 25. We are working with our colleagues in the ACT and will announce rescheduled dates as soon as available.

Can we please get an official letter from BMXA advising us of the postponement?

Will my BMXA membership be able to be extended/suspended/put on hold?

  • No suspension to membership will apply – membership and the associated insurance will continue to cover individuals riding their bike daily.

Parking at Nationals

With nationals under three weeks away, it’s important the BMXA community is prepared and ready for everything on the track as well as everything off the track.

At this year’s national championships, parking is strictly limited due to the nature of the venue, thus there is no general public parking on-site.

All parking for spectators and riders will be on the streets surrounding the track.

It is suggested that all riders and spectators arrive earlier than you usually would in order to get a park closer to the track.

On top of this, opting to carpool or getting dropped off will reduce traffic in the area. There will be dedicated drop off pick up area that people can utilize at the venue.

As the areas surrounding the track are residential, please be mindful with noise and make sure you obey all traffic rules in the surrounding streets. BMXA will not be responsible for any traffic or parking infringements.

A map of the venue and areas to park will be posted next week.

For all information surrounding nationals – CLICK HERE.

Three weeks until the BMX Australia National Championships in Launceston


Close to 2000 entries have been received with up to 5000 riders and supporters from over 100 clubs expected to descend upon the Launceston BMX Club from March 24-28 to partake in the five-day festival of BMX.

The event will feature four days of racing and incorporate the Oceania Continental Championships (Wednesday 25/3) that will feature Australian riders taking on some of New Zealand’s best. Competitors ranging in age from four to 69 will take part.

Tasmania will be represented by three clubs with the hosts Launceston providing 36 riders, Wynyard Park bringing 51 and Hobart’s Southern City having 50.

Outside of the home state, Queensland has the most representation with 30 clubs heading to Launceston. Knox BMX Club is one of 19 clubs from Victoria making the trip across the Tasman, with Knox boasting the strongest number of riders outside of Tasmania with 44 entries.

New South Wales will be represented by 19 clubs at this year’s national championships and one of the riders heading down south is Irene Markee of Macarthur BMX Club who is the oldest competitor at 69-years-of-age.

The Cove BMX Club and Happy Valley BMX Club are two of eight clubs heading from South Australia, both sending over 30 riders each, while five Northern Territory clubs have entered riders.

Despite the distance, riders from 15 different clubs in Western Australia will embark on the trip to Launceston. The ACT will be represented by two clubs with dual Olympian Caroline Buchanan back at a national championships for the first time since 2017, representing Tuggeranong BMX Club.

In the elite classes, there are 71 entries from 42 different clubs. Current national champion Izaac Kennedy is back to defend his crown in the men’s elite class, while Buchanan and Tokyo Olympic hopeful Saya Sakakibara will headline the elite women’s field.

For more information on the 2020 BMX Australia National Championships, click HERE. 

The Most Rewarding Job in BMX

Claire Ford of the Jingili BMX Club in the Northern Territory became an official ten years ago when her daughter Yasmin started the sport.

Ford told us, “I started officiating in the first month and have done it ever since. Once you start it’s like a vortex, you can’t stop!”

In her ten years, she has developed as an official advancing to level one in her first year, before qualifying as a level two official and more recently completing her level three.

“It’s easy with the more experience you get and highly rewarding as you can progress and develop yourself,” Ford said.

While Ford was progressing as an official, her daughter Yasmin was making a name for herself, taking the 14 years girls national series title in 2019. Check out one of her finals below.

Ford said as an official you could end up anywhere around the track to watch your children race and that her favourite aspect of the job was the camaraderie.

“The chance to meet fantastic new people and be a part of the BMXA team is extremely rewarding,” Ford said.

“On top of that there are chances to be rewarded for your progress and continue to better yourself.”

Come and help make our national championships and national series a success. Fill in our EOI form – HERE – and officiate now.

Are you interested in becoming an official – CLICK HERE – to start your adventure as a BMXA official.

Race Plates in 2020


As of this year, BMXA are not issuing race plates for the national series. This means riders can use their own race plates and save time acquiring one on the day.

Race plate colours will vary depending on the class the rider competes in. An example of this is, only riders with a UCI issued International Elite Number will be permitted to use white plates and black number combinations. A black plate with white numbers will not be permitted at any of the national series events.

Race plate numbers will vary from event to event with state numbers only permitted at state or club events, for all national events, only Australian and world number combinations will be permitted (i.e. W1 and 1A with the correct colour combination).  The number a rider enters for their first stage of the 2019 BMXA National Series, will be their number for the entire series, unless they have achieved a national or world plate result at the respective events.  A change to an “A” or “W” plate will be permitted if requested after these events.

All of the above is clearly outlined in Rule 54 of the BMXA 2020 Rule Book on pages 35 & 36.

If riders turn up with an incorrect colour/number combination they will be requested to change it prior to taking to the track and/or starting the next lap. Further to this if riders require a plate on race day for the national series events, BMXA will have limited number of race plate available for sale at a cost of $50.

If you would like to review the BMXA 2020 Rule Book – CLICK HERE

Please CLICK HERE, for a full breakdown of race plate numbers and colours.

A year off for the NSW Young Star

It has been a tough year in terms of success for the rising star from NSW.

In 2018 Miller found the top of the junior elite podium on a multitude of platforms including the national championships in Bunbury, as well as a dominant performance on the national series stage.

2018 National Championships: Junior elite women’s final

Winning again after Oceania’s on Wednesday 🙌,

Watch Ashlee Miller win the women’s junior elite at Bunbury BMX Club Inc. #BMXANats18

Posted by BMX Australia on Saturday, March 24, 2018

Yet 2019 couldn’t be more different, starting with a heavy crash on the first berm during the stage 1 of the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series in Sydney.

That injury put a halt on her national series campaign, missing out on stage 2 at Westside before returning spectacularly to stage 3 at Ipswich, where she went bar-for-bar with Beenleigh’s Des’Ree Barnes and Pine Rivers’ Kiana Botfield to win on overall points.

Unfortunately, that was the final national stage victory for the 18-year old, who was on track for another successful year on the bike.

Her final major race was the national championships in May at Shepparton, and it ended in disaster for the HSC student who came down hard in the second moto, breaking her collarbone in the process.

(Watch from 13:20)

“My collarbone broke so far about that it would never heal without help,” Miller explained.

“I was in so much pain after nationals. What was worse was that I had an eight-hour drive from Shepparton to Sydney with a broken shoulder and as soon as I got home, I was taken straight to hospital for surgery.

“This means that I’m out for the all the world cup rounds in Australia, which I am really gutted about. My plan was to go to all four of the world cup rounds before enjoying my end of high school and taking a gap year travelling.

“But now I’m going to flip it around and travel first before hopefully having a couple of races in the national rounds in America at the back end of the year.”

It was well known how excited Miller was for the 2019 season after discussing with BMXA how much she was looking forward to tackling the 8-metre hill at nationals (Shepparton). But health needed to come first and Miller needed to focus on her higher school certificate before continuing her career on the BMX bike.

“It was a real shame to come down at nationals,” Miller continued.

“I think my lead up to the event couldn’t have gone any smoother and I felt great during the first moto. But coming together with Desi in that first straight was pretty heart-wrenching, but I guess that’s the sport. It’s not called a full body contact sport for nothing.

“But my health needed to come first, especially with some concussions at the start of the year in Sydney so I needed to focus on my schoolwork in the back end.”

Nevertheless, Miller will return to the bike and she is reassuring naysayers she can’t wait to do so.

“I spoke to Luke (Madill) who offered me a spot on the national team, but I had to sadly decline.

“I’m not saying I’m never going to be back; I love racing and everything about it. But I was always going to take a gap year next year and haven’t really decided on anything yet. I guess we shall see.”