Spring is in full motion and the BMX community over the weekend welcomed it with open arms.

COVER PIC: Riders having a crack at Geelong Thunder BMX Club – Nice one! (pic courtesy of Geelong BMX Club Facebook Page.)

Over 600 riders were racing around Australia and every single one of them had a smile on their face as they touched the track. Events celebrating lives, clubs and BMX provided a perfect opportunity for competitors and weren’t there some fantastic results.

Dave Halson Memorial Open Day – Centenary Plains BMX Club

Starting our wrap is the Dave Halson Memorial Open Day at Centenary Plains BMX Club on Saturday September 8. Riders from Queensland and beyond came together to race BMX and didn’t they put on a show.

Leading the way was the men and women’s superclass division and the competition to say the least, was fierce.

Topping the women’s podium, and winning every single moto, was Des’ree Barnes from Beenleigh BMX Club who took on Monique Smith from New Zealand, the Botfield duo of Kiana and Tenniele as well as the 2018 elite women’s Australian champion Erin Lockwood.

In the men’s event, home dirt hero Joshua Boyton produced the goods as he and Matt Krasevskis went bar for bar in the final. Going in as the favourite, Krasevskis hadn’t dropped a moto all day but Boyton gave everything he had into the final race to stand tallest on the podium.

Other home dirt heroes on the day include:

  • Tyler Randall (10-boy’s)
  • Riley Galvin (14-boy’s)
  • Lucas Peiffer (16-boy’s)
  • Tegan McClellan (17-24 women)

Winning the special event of the day, The Dave Halson Memorial, was Beenleigh rider, Timothy Wright who beat home Luke Marsh and David Potter.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE.

40 Years of Radness at Cairns BMX Club

Heading north to Cairns BMX Club were 149 riders who celebrated 40 years of ‘Radness’ at their special club. Here is a quick thank you from the club to all its dedicated members who helped put on a fantastic event.

Leading the action were some very talented riders who competed in six races (motos and finals) and won every single one of them. These awesome riders include:

  • Mica Moloney: 9-boy’s (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Hunter Boschen: 10-boy’s (Townsville BMX Club)
  • Mia Parlapiano: 11-girl’s (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Ryle Moses: 16-boy’s (Atherton BMX Club)
  • Ammie De Lai: Superclass women’s (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Wade Mundie: Superclass men’s (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Damien Prince: 30+ men’s cruiser (Cairns BMX Club)
  • Beau Whykes: 40-44 cruiser class (Cairns BMX Club)

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE.

Southside R2, Week 9

Our final event from Saturday occurred on the other side of Australia at the Western Australian club of Southside. There were 95 shredders who turned up for another round of club racing and these home dirt heroes produced a thrilling batch of success.

  • Jaxon Richards (9 years)
  • Rhys Hardaker (12 years)
  • Abbey Richards (13-14 years)
  • Shannon Lowe (30+ men)
  • Daniel Steel (open cruiser)
  • Natalia Ierace (open girl’s)

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

2018 BMXNSW Hawksbury Hornets Open

Dropping the gates first on Sunday was the Hawksbury Hornets BMX Club who held the eighth round of the BMXNSW Open.

Facing windy conditions, riders threw everything they had into the track and produced electrifying racing.

A major contributor to the excitement was the men’s superclass which included a trio of riders who are getting their last taste of BMX racing before they head to China to take on the rest of the world.

Finding the podium before flying overseas was the 2018 men’s elite Aussie champion, Brandon Te Hiko from Geelong BMX Club, Queensland’s Jye Hombsch from Redlands BMX Club and LMX rider and NSW hero, Andrew Hughes. To read more about their international expedition – CLICK HERE.

Joining the men with exciting racing of their own was the women’s division with Southlake Illawarra rider Leanna Curtis beating home Gemma-Lee Thomas from Castle Hill and Celeste Barr from Townsville. Watch the exciting final below!

Thanks to Mick Carruthers, you can watch all the finals from the weekend by CLICKING HERE.

Making an appearance on the day was the inspirational BMX Ninja, Daniel Walker. The Ninja Warrior finalist gave some time to our awesome participation class with the intention of inspiring them on to bigger and better things.

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

2018 Geelong Thunderstruck

Wrapping up our weekend coverage of BMX was the 2018 Geelong Thunderstruck which held 233 riders at their club in Victoria.

A common trend throughout this wrap has been the unbeatable day riders had and for the competitors below this is just the case.

  • Fergus Wiggins: 8 expert boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Reegan Schafter: 9 expert boy’s (Knox BMX Club)
  • Hamish Monaghan: 8-9 novice girl’s/boy’s (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Thomas Foot: 10 expert boy’s (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Chase Stone: 10-11 novice girl’s/boy’s (Eastfield BMX Club)
  • Brodie Mitchell: 12 expert girl’s (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Joshua Jolly: 13-boy’s + 11-12 boy’s cruiser (Knox BMX Club)
  • Dan Kilfoyle: 14-boy’s (Geelong BMX Club)
  • Mitchell Ord: 16-boy’s (Ballarat BMX Club)
  • Kailen O’Grady: 17-29 men (Bendigo BMX Club)
  • Coby Stagg: 30-39 women open wheel (Frankston BMX Club)
  • Jason Hall: 30-39 men’s open wheel (Casey BMX Club)
  • Wayne Jolly: 50+ men’s open wheel (Knox BMX Club)
  • Tyla Hall: 8-10 boy’s cruiser (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Jordan Stewart: 15-16 boy’s cruiser (Sunbury BMX Club)
  • Bailey Stewart: senior cruiser (Ballarat-Sebastopol BMX Club)
  • Ashley Grange: retro 14-29 (Knox BMX Club)

For a full list of results – CLICK HERE

Take a look at some of the captured from the event HERE!

Congratulations to all riders who competed across the weekend and we wish all fallen riders a speedy recovery.

Exciting times lie ahead as next weekend will feature the sixth round of the 2018 BMXA National Series at Tuggeranong BMX Club in the ACT. Keep up to date on our social media platforms as we provide extensive coverage before, during and after the event.