After a thrilling fourth round at Nerang BMX Club, the National Series Challenge standings are in and the leaderboards have been updated!

COVER PIC: Nerang BMX Club hosting the fourth round of the 2018 BMXA National Series. (Pic courtesy of MadB Photography)

The challenge classes throughout the series so far have been incredible to watch with some seriously close contests for the top spot.

To see the updated Challenge standings – CLICK HERE

Before having a look, there are a couple of rivalries that you should definitely take note of.

Starting with the 8 Boys, Blue Mountains BMX Club rider, Eli Schroeder and Penrith’s Jye Galloway have been going head-to-head throughout the series so far and at the moment it is Schroeder with the lead with only four points ahead of Galloway! (Schroeder 569 – Galloway 565)

Watch the race below!

The 11 Girl’s class has an even closer battle on its hands with Valencia Stevis from Sydney BMX Club on 567 with Queensland rival, Abi Asmus sitting second on 564. Asmus will be feeling the fire after her stellar performance on her home track last round.

Watch the race below!

The 12 Boys class of Lincon Botfield (QLD) and Joshua Jolly (VIC) are our next pair who are contesting for the top spot. At Nerang, it was Botfield who edged out in front of Jolly and their points now sit with the Queenslander on 574 while the Victorian sits on 557.

Watch their latest race below!

One of the competitions of the series by a mile has to go to the 15 Girls pair of Shannon Petre (Cairns BMX Club, QLD) and Paige Harding (Castle Hill BMX Club, NSW).

The two have been going head-to-head the entire series both attending every round. But their relationship is not as negative as it might seem. Read more about their rivalry HERE.

Watch their epic race below!

Our final pair to look out for throughout the rest of the 2018 series is between New Zealand’s Bennett Greenough and Nerang BMX Club’s Jesse Asmus in the 15 Boys class.

Representing Australia, Asmus has been hot on the back wheel of Greenough since round one at Penrith. The points currently sit with Greenough on 589 while Asmus is ready for a chance on 565.

Watch them do battle below!

While considering the results and standings, remember that the following applies to those interested in taking out the top spot on the national series podium.

To be eligible for your title…you must ride in a minimum of three events with your overall score of points being taken from your three best results.

The seven rounds in the national series can be broken up as follows:

  • Rounds one, two and four are all UCI events, which means riders who contested a championship class at round one in Penrith must compete in all three UCI sanctioned events to be eligible to win.
  • Rounds three, five, six and seven will all offer superclass, which is open to all riders 14 and above. Championship class riders from UCI events may compete in Superclass.
  • Challenge/age classes will be available at all BMXA National Series rounds.

This means that you must plan your events accordingly and be smart about it! Your opponents may be going to events that you aren’t.

While browsing through the results, take a look at our Sunday wrap up of our national series at Nerang BMX Club – you won’t be disappointed.