With many clubs beginning to get back to a level of normality regarding training and club days, it’s important to remember to keep following BMXA’s development guidelines when it comes to using pro straights.

The below information is a refresher regarding the use of the pro straight for gates and training nights.

Training Nights – Gate Nights – Coaching Sessions

The use of the pro-straight for coaching sessions and training (including gate nights) is not a race rule. It is a training, safety and competency guideline.

A pro-straight can be used at a training/gate session or coaching session by 14+ aged riders, provided the riders have been deemed competent by an accredited Level 1 or Level 2 coach.

Deemed competent means the rider has been assessed by a Level 1 or Level 2 coach, as is required by the Coach’s Skills Remit, and they have demonstrated the skill to ride a pro-straight.

When the pro-straight is being used as part of a training/gate session, an accredited Level 1 or Level 2 coach must over-see the pro-straight usage

Over-seeing means that at a training or gates night, the Club appoints a Level 1 or Level 2 coach who can ensure the pro-straight is being used safely and therefore the club is meeting its duty of care to those riders. If your club has a pro-straight but no Level 1 coach, this needs to be rectified and please contact BMXA.


If your club has a pro straight and you have 14/15 year aged riders wishing to use the pro straight, please make sure you firstly have an accredited Level 1 or Level 2 coach deem them competent before they ride the Pro Straight and that there is a Level 1 or Level 2 coach overseeing the usage. If an accredited coach is not available, the pro straight cannot be used by riders under 16 years of age

This is as per the coaching remit document on the website, which can be found HERE.