Don’t miss out on the first round at Penrith!

BMX Australia’s ability to put together successful events around the country relies heavily on the relationship we have with the fantastic clubs we work with.

The many tasks which are required to make the events run as smoothly as possible are very time consuming and results in a great deal of effort being exerted.

The BMXA family have always been very supportive of one another and this is one of the many factors which makes our great BMX community what it is today.

The National series is one of those fantastic opportunities for our sport to come together and celebrate one another’s achievements and efforts. With that being said, a very simple and effective way of showing your support to the clubs who are hosting the National Series is to sponsor a class.

The first round is rapidly approaching at the Penrith BMX Club on February 17.

For only $100 per class, it’s cheap, affordable and an incredible gesture to a club who is giving alot back to the BMX community. Not only do you help the club, but you also manage to get your name, company or even fellow club named after a particular class race.

To get named after a class, don’t hesitate but email Penrith BMX Club at

Of course you can sponsor more than one class at this event as well as get involved with the other clubs who are hosting our National Series.

National Series Hosting Clubs

–       Round 1 Feb 17-18, Penrith BMX Club (NSW). Email:

–       Round 2 April 21-22, Frankston BMX Club (VIC). Email:

–       Round 3 June 23-24, Satellite City BMX Club (NT). Email:

–       Round 4 July 21-22, Nerang BMX Club (QLD). Email:

–       Round 5 August 18-19, Cross Keys BMX Club (SA). Email:

–       Round 6 September 15-16, Tuggeranong BMX Club (ACT). Email:

–       Round 7 October 21-22, Launceston BMX Club (TAS). Email:

It is important to note that all event sponsorships are coordinated by BMX Australia.

Photo Sourced: Penrith BMX Club Facebook page