The second component of the club coaching course is now here!

The Club Coaching Course is a fantastic way to understand the fundamentals of BMX and now the practical assessmentĀ of the course is available as well as theĀ theory component of the course.

Practical assessments can be booked by BMXA members who have successfully completed the online theory component of the BMXA Club coaching course.

BMXA has accredited over 30 assessors across Australia with more assessors being regularly accredited to assist with the goal of having practical assessment opportunitiesĀ  widely available.

For those who have already completed the theory component and now wish to take their practical assessment, please log back into your e-learning account and complete Module 9, which will open the calendar of assessing events currently available.

If an assessing event has not yet been set up at a Club near you, please review the list of assessors here and contact an assessor near you to ask when an assessing event will be available for you to attend.

To get started, on your coaching journey and understand the fundamentals for BMX coaching, simply log into your BMXA membership profile HERE and click on coach/officials button at the top and select the Club Coaching Course.

Alternatively, you can grab all the information regarding coaching on our website, click here to access it.

For further coaching enquiries, please contact BMX Australia on 02 9008 1300 or alternatively email us at