Club Marketing


There are various techniques clubs can utilise to promote their club or event. Below are some of the ways to reach out:

  • School newsletters – consider embedding a Youtube video showing BMX racing
  • Go and speak/demo at school assemblies asking kids if they are interested. A Rider from your club would be a great tool to assist with this! Possibly have a chat with one of your Elite Riders.
  • Share Social Media from BMX Australia via Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
  • Sending a press release to the local paper/localTV
  • Advertising in the local paper
  • Putting up posters in your local bike shop
  • Having a stall in your local shopping centre to showcase your club


Public Relations is a great way to inform the public about your club and events without having to pay for any advertising or marketing.

This is a cheap and easy way to promote your club and events by working with journalists from newspapers, radio and local TV stations. Because journalists are time poor and want to spend as less as time possible researching stories you can call them and pitch a story idea about a local rider or your club event.

One way to do this is to write a press release. A press release is usually a brief one-page story on what you want to communicate to your local community.

Get to know the journalist at your local paper and have a good relationship with them.


  • Ensure there are no grammatical errors in the press release
  • Keep it to one page
  • Ensure you include some of the achievements of the club and/or riders that highlights success.
  • Always include a quote from a president or high-profile rider in the second or third paragraph
  • Include a photograph relevant to the release making sure to caption the image with reference to the photographer.
  • Include contact details on the bottom of the page so that the journalist can contact you for further information.
  • Send it in a format that everyone can open. Not everyone has the latest version of Microsoft Word on their computer – PDF is great as it can be opened on virtually every single device.
  • Think about using a coloured piece of paper too attract attention and look different.
  • If distributing by email, make the subject line interesting.


  • Try to sell your event too much, just state the facts and benefits.
  • Have spelling and grammatical errors
  • Make the press release too long
  • Use terms or references those outside the BMX community would not be familiar with.


For an example of a Press Release – Please CLICK HERE .


For an example of a Schools Newsletter – Please CLICK HERE.

Include if appropriate

  • If you don’t have a bike, our Club can provide bikes and other equipment for those who do not have either (subject to availability).

Include if appropriate

  • Participants that attend will receive a show bag filled with great BMX items from BMX Australia.
  • (numbers are limited).
  • For more information please contact [INSERT CLUB CONTACT] on [INSERT PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL] or go to Ride in2 BMX.