Become a Coach

Coaching accreditations are progressively becoming mandatory across and at all levels of sport, in order to meet duty of care and build coaching capacity.

The BMXA coaching pathway is made up of a series of accreditations, which ensure the coach has the experience and knowledge to teach the relevant skills of BMX riding.

The more knowledge BMX coaches can have and share, the more the sport of BMX will grow and be enjoyed by its participants.

BMX has the following coaching pathways:

Club coach: The Club BMX Coaching Course is an entry-level course where the aim of the coach is to increase participation and encourage riders. The rider will be Riding for Fun while learning the fundamental skills of BMX riding.

Level 1 coach: The Level 1 BMX is a coaching course where coaches prepare and develop riders with adequate skills for State and National Competition.  The Level 1 Course provides the coach with a basic knowledge of periodised training plans, nutrition, psychology, strength and conditioning.

Level 2 coach: The Level 2 BMX is a coaching course where the aim of the coach is to develop and support higher performing Riders who are competing at National and International Levels. A coach attending a the course gains a strong understanding of Periodised Training Plans and advanced BMX Racing Skills and Tactics.