Club Coach

The Club BMX Coaching course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of coaching entry-level BMX.


The BMXA Club coach course is being discontinued. It will close on 18 Dec 2020. For those who wish to become a BMX Club coach, the Community Instructor course is the first step in the AusCycling coaching and instructor pathway.

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It is recommended that you do not start this Course unless you can complete the pre-requisite requirements, the on-line theory and practical components prior to 18 Dec 2020.

Coaching Aims

The aims of the Club Coach are to encourage riders and increase participation in BMX.  The rider will be Riding for Fun while learning the fundamental skills of BMX riding.

Typically, the rider will be at mini wheeler, sprocket or just starting out/entry level BUT a club accredited coach can work with riders of any ability within the scope of their accredited skills.

The Club Coaching course teaches the basics of BMX riding and becoming a coach. It includes:

  • The role and responsibilities of a coach, characteristics of a good coach and expected behaviour
  • Planning and reviewing a coaching session and managing risk
  • Equipment required to ride BMX and how it should be fitted
  • Developing BMX riding skills
  • Child safety, Code of Behaviour and riding safely
  • What’s required for re-accreditation

The focus of coaches at the club level is vital in supporting the development of new riders participating in BMX.

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How to Become a BMXA Club Coach

The BMXA Club Coaching course has both theory and practical components. The theory component is completed on-line with a quiz at the end of each module. At the successful completion of the theory modules, a practical assessment session is booked to complete the Club coach accreditation.

Prior to commencing the on-line theory component, there are a number of pre-requisites that need to be completed.  You will be unable to commence and continue through the Club coaching course if your pre-requisites are not completed.


Candidates are required to meet the following requirements, submit their pre-requisites and receive confirmation from BMXA that they have been processed, prior to commencing the online theory component of the BMXA Club Coaching course.

If the Club Coaching course is commenced without meeting or completing the pre-requisite requirements, including receiving a confirmation of processing, a coach’s enrolment will be suspended until pre-requisites are completed.  Enrolment fees are not refunded.


Minimum age to obtain

1 Be at least 16yrs of age

16 years

2 Be a Volunteer or Open member of BMXA


16 years

3 Hold a BMXA Club Official accreditation


16 years

The following are uploaded via the BMXA App or on the BMXA website

4 Hold a current First Aid certificate (must include general First Aid)


All ages

5 Hold a current CPR certificate


All ages

6 Hold a Working With Children Check from your State or Territory

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18 years

The following are emailed to

7 SportAUS Community Coaching General Principles Course


All ages

8 Play by the Rules (PBTR) Child Protection Certificate


18 years

9 ASADA Level 1


18 years

Completing a practical assessment  

BMXA has accredited club coaching practical assessors in each state. Members wishing to become a Club coach should check the location of assessors prior to commencing the Club Coaching Course to ensure there is an assessor in a location you can travel to.

Click here for the list of accredited Club Coaching course assessors and their locations.

Click here to know What You Can Expect at Your Practical Assessment

For remote locations i.e. where an assessor is located more than 300kms away, aspiring coaches are encouraged to complete the theory component and BMXA will be in contact regarding the completion of your practical assessment.

How long to complete?

The online theory and practical components of the Club Coaching course are required to be completed within 12 months of enrolling into the theory component.

Course fee

The Club Coaching course costs $150.

The $150 fee is paid when enrolling into the theory component of the course. There are no refunds for change of mind, non-completion of pre-requisites or non-completion within the 12mths required timeframe.

How to commence

  1. Log in to your BMXA member profile through the BMXA website
  2. Click on Coach/Official tab across the top
  3. Select the Club Coaching course


Forgotten how to log into your e-learning account?

  1. Click HERE, this will take you to your login page
  2. Type in your username and password, and click Sign-in
  3. Forgotten your Password? Click on “Can’t Sign-in” and you will be able to re-set your password.

For all coaching enquiries that are not answered on our website, please contact BMX Australia on 02 9008 1300 or alternatively email us at