Level 1 Coach

The Level 1 BMX Coaching Course has been developed by BMX Australia, the National Sporting Organisation for BMX in Australia.

It provides coaches with opportunities to learn, to study and be assessed for both the theoretical and practical aspects of coaching BMX riders. The L1 BMX Coaching Course is a nationally recognised coaching course and is administered by BMX Australia.


The Level 1 BMX is a coaching course where the aim of the coach is to prepare and introduce riders to racing including building fitness, developing and refining skills. The rider will be at the Riding to RACE development stage and riding at club level through to ttate/Territory championship level.

The coaching course addresses generic coaching and BMX techniques, and will allow coaches to nurture and develop BMX riders. The accreditation allows you to independently plan, prescribe and evaluate BMX training for BMX riders.

The work of coaches at this level will be vital in supporting developing riders and enhancing the performance of existing riders.


Candidates are required to:

The Aims of the Coaching Course

The coaching course aims to provide coaches with an introduction to the principles of planning, implementing, analysing and revising BMX coaching programs.

Coaching course Objectives

At the successful completion of the L1 BMX coaching course, the coach will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an underpinning knowledge of BMX; and
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the Level 1 BMX coach; and
  • Correctly set-up a BMX bike for a rider; and
  • Assist riders to develop and improve skills through a range of coaching techniques; and
  • Plan, evaluate and conduct coaching sessions for club and state/territory level riders’; and
  • Manage the safety requirements of coaching; and
  • Assist riders to use basic nutritional strategies for sports performance; and
  • Advise riders regarding anti-doping issues; and
  • Cater for the physical and social development of riders.

Module Outlines

The coaching course is composed of 12 mandatory modules:

Day 1 Modules

  • Introduction – an introduction to the coaching course, its demands and resources and the remit of the Level 1 BMX Coach.
  • BMX and the Role of the BMX Coach – an introduction into BMX, an outline of the roles of the BMX Coach, explaining what is expected of the Level 1 BMX Coach.
  • Coach in Action – how coaching techniques such as group organisation and management, demonstrations and feedback can be utilised within the BMX environment.
  • BMX Equipment & Bike Set-up – identify bicycle, helmet and clothing appropriate for BMX training and competition, as well as understanding the correct set-up of a BMX bicycle for the needs of the rider.
  • Risk Management – understand all of the safety requirements relating to BMX and the BMX environment and how to maintain a safe coaching environment.
  • BMX Skills – identify the ideal model of performance for BMX skills, compare this to rider’s performance and use this to give feedback and improve rider’s skills.
  • Practical Coaching – a practical module, including conducting a risk assessment of a BMX track, setting a general riding position, and conducting a small group coaching session.

Day 2 Modules

  • Physical Conditioning – an introduction into the components of fitness, principles of conditioning and energy systems important to BMX racing.
  • Planning and Evaluating – the importance of long term planning, goal setting and evaluating, including how to plan a series of sessions and an annual plan.
  • An Introduction to Sports Nutrition – the basic principles of nutrition, healthy eating and hydration for riders in training and competition.
  • Anti-Doping – an overview into the importance of anti-doping in BMX and the process of drug testing for riders.
  • Inclusive Coaching – how to include everyone into coaching sessions, from junior riders to paracyclists.


Assessment of the L1 BMX coach has several components:

  • Attendance at a 2 day BMX Level 1 Coaching Course; and
  • Two observations of practical coaching. One of these is conducted on Day 1 of the coaching course and the other is conducted post coaching course; and
  • Written assessment tasks – tasks are completed during the coaching course and as home study following the completion of the coaching course; and
  • Practical coaching experience log – you are required to complete a certain number of hours assisting and then conducting your own coaching sessions for BMX riders.

The Coaching Course

The L1 BMX is an interactive and practical course that introduces you to the basics of coaching and BMX techniques and equipment.

You will be required to take part in a practical during the coaching course, therefore you are asked to dress in clothing suitable for BMX activities and the weather and wear appropriate footwear (the practical activities will be conducted on and off the bike).

You will require a full-face helmet and a BMX bike (which is in good working order and safe for participation in the sessions).

The coaching course is two days of face-to-face training that includes discussion, presentations and workshop activities. You will receive the resources and documents you need during the training. You will receive feedback on your progress through the course and encouraged to develop an action plan.

On successful completion of the two days and submission of your required pre-requisites requirements you will be upgraded to a Trainee Level 1 Coach. You will then embark on a period of self-directed learning and written assessment tasks.

Self-directed learning and written assessment tasks

You will be required to complete some home study learning and a number of written assessment tasks. The assessment tasks must be completed within 6 -12mths months of attending your program of training.

Support is available to help you understand and complete your home study tasks. If you have any questions regarding these tasks you are encouraged to contact BMX Australia Coaching, your State Coaching Director or your coaching course Presenters.

Course Fees

Your state/ territory will determine the cost of the coaching course in your State.

Recognition of Current Competency

If you have covered some of the L1 BMX modules previously, you may apply for Recognition of Current Competence (RCC). RCC is available to all candidates, although BMX Australia must agree this prior to your attendance at the Level 1 Coaching course.

You will also have to provide satisfactory written evidence that all of the learning outcomes have been met. Full RCC guidelines and a list of outcomes are available from BMX Australia Coaching.