Your accreditation as a BMXA coach lasts for four-years.

To be invited to re-accredit as a BMX Coach, you will be asked to provide information regarding your coaching activities during the past four-years as well as a letter of support from your Club and/or State Association.

It’s also important that you keep up to date with developments in BMXA coaching and undertake on-going development and education as a Coach.


Re-accreditation as a BMXA Coach ensures continuation of coaching insurance coverage under BMX Australia’s Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Personal Injury insurance for any coaching you undertake.

BMXA insurance is provided to its coaches when they coach BMXA members at BMXA sanctioned activities and at BMXA training/affiliated facilities.

***PLEASE NOTE: If your coaching accreditation has expired or become invalid, you are unfortunately UNABLE to coach BMXA members at a BMXA affiliated track or at BMXA sanctioned activities as BMXA’s insurance will not provide cover for you.***

Screenings and Attending BMXA Coaching Clinics and Workshops 

Your My BMXA member profile will show screenings and certificates you have sent to BMXA. Your attendance at BMXA Coaching Clinics and Workshops are also recorded on your Member profile.


Before commencing your re-accreditation please make sure you have a valid BMX Australia Membership. To renew Membership if requiredCLICK HERE

Re-accreditation Criteria for:

For more information please email