“The only trouble at the start was that he couldn’t touch the ground!”

The perks of being a 3-year-old means unbridled confidence and a thirst for BMX that needs constant quenching.

Three years of age, Lachie Arnold from Southlake Illawarra BMX Club loves his bikes, yes, that’s bikes… plural.

Lachie began riding his balance bike when he was about 18 months old and loved it. But that didn’t quite satisfy his excitement levels and just before he turned three, he was on a peddle bike.

Dave, father to Lachie, filled us in on his son’s extraordinary eagerness to ride BMX and how the sport has become a common trend in their weekly activities.

“Lachie goes to pre-school four days a week and sometimes he has Wednesday’s off,” Dave said.

“I ask him what he wants to do, and he always wants to go for a bike ride.”

Lachie had been on his peddle bike for two terms and the family decided that they’d get him a micro mini BMX bike.

“He could ride it too,” Dave continued.

“Except he couldn’t touch the ground.”

BMX Australia’s youngest sprocket rocket now has coaching on Wednesday’s during the school term as well as some racing on Saturday.

Dave reports Lachie’s facial expressions are a mixture of big smiles and a very serious faces when he is trying to go fast.

“He gets good feedback from his coaches and he is definitely happy he has left the mini wheelers behind,” Dave said.

The reason that young Lachlan is able to ride as a sprocket is due to a recent upgrade to the BMXA membership guidelines made earlier this year.

Irrespective of age, a mini wheeler member who is able to peddle is eligible to move up into the sprocket rocket ranks. On the other hand, if a sprocket isn’t comfortable with the class, they are able to move themselves back down to a mini wheeler.

“Yeah I think the licence changes have been great, Lachie is very happy to be riding as a sprocket now and he won’t be going down,” Dave said.

To read more about the changes CLICK HERE.

The only thing on Lachie’s mind is speed… pure speed.

The toddler didn’t say much during BMXA’s interview for this story – but what did say was that he was going to go super-fast, and that he has lightning speed.

Not bad Lachie, not bad.