The chance to help our youngest BMXA Family members is yours for the taking and… you might even enjoy yourself!

COVER PIC: Courtesy of the BMX Victoria Facebook Page.

At the end of last year, BMXA introduced the Mini-Wheeler Coordinator Course to help nurture, monitor and encourage the development of Australia’s youngest aspiring BMX riders.

Helping to guide the development of future riders is a very important and self- responsibility. The BMXA Mini-Wheelers Coordinators Course is online and can be completed when it’s convenient to you.

It provides essential information regarding the mini-wheeler program as well as coaching activities and ideas to develop and engage with our youngest members.

The theme of the program is “Riding for Fun”, while also teaching the fundamentals of riding on a balance bike. With this in mind, mini-wheeler coordinators require enthusiasm, passion and an unwavering desire to help, in order to create an eye-opening experience for newly recruited BMXers.

While this course is open to all ages, it is the perfect opportunity for our younger BMXA members (aged 14-18) to begin their careers as coaches and help give back to the sport that has been a massive part of their lives so far.

The information in the course can also help BMX clubs in creating mini-wheeler programs and is another means of increasing membership numbers.

Yet it’s not all about our younger generation… take Aleesha Sloper from Mandurah BMX Club in WA. The mother of two (11-years and 16-years) jumped at the opportunity to become a mini-wheeler coordinator and is in the final stages of completing her course.

“I am the canteen manager for Mandurah, and I noticed that our club didn’t have a mini-wheeler coordinator,” Sloper said.

“I was really keen to get in there and be available to help new members understand the rules and the requirements. I really enjoy learning more about BMX and keeping up to date with the rule changes.”

Sloper understands the importance of the course and with her mini-wheeler accreditation, her club can continue to grow and prosper, even more so than it is already.

“I get really excited because we (Mandurah) are continuing to grow very quickly. We have gone from a very new club to a very well-known club throughout WA in a short space of time and I think that having this experience is so good for the club and for the sport,” Sloper said.

“My kids are forever growing and I’m trying to teach them that if I can be a role model… so can they”

Now it’s up to you!

Sloper knows that with BMX growing so rapidly, the supply of accredited coaches and coordinators will become limited and we need all hands-on deck to continue growing the sport.

 “If we get more people wanting to do the course, then we will only get better and bigger as a group and that will mean that our great sport will continue to grow and be more popular,” Sloper concluded.

Who is eligible for the course?

BMXA members who are 14-years and older are eligible to complete the course

What do you need?

  1. A current BMXA Open or Volunteer membership and be over the age of 14.
  2. A a First Aid certification (including current CPR) of at least HLTAID003 or its equivalent.
  3. If over 18 – you must have completed the Child Protection short course in the Play by the Rules website as well as a Working with Children Check from your state or territory.

To read more about the course and its requirements + begin your career as a Mini-wheeler coordinator – CLICK HERE!

NOTE: BMXA can provide an interim  2-month WWCC accreditation  while you wait for your final WWCC to be received. Simply upload your application receipt on the BMXA app or by logging into your member profile on the website.