Cruiser class racing at its best made for exciting finishes and epic upsets. 

After the Oceania Continental Championships yesterday, the Cruiser and Sprocket classes pulled out all the stops to officially start the chase for Aussie plates at Bunbury BMX Club in Western Australia.

With temperatures reaching a comfortable 26 degrees, 354 riders had the support of enthusiastic spectators who cheered on the young and old (er) while they battled it out for top spots.

That cheering may have been the difference for some Aussie riders today, who arrived at Bunbury to defend their national cruiser title.

In the winning corner for defending Aussie champions was Callum Woodbury in the 11-12 boys class (Ashmore BMX Club) and Corey Taylor in the 15-16 boys class (Wooree BMX Club). Both retained their #1A plates after producing comprehensive victories in their respective classes.

On the other hand Valencia Stevis put up a great race in the 11-12 girls class, but fell just shy of the podium as Teya Rufus (Maryborough BMX Club – 1st), Charlotte Guy (Ashmore BMX Club – 2nd) and Sienna Richmond (Sunbury BMX Club – 3rd) made up the podium.

It was a similar scenario for another defending champion, Caitlin Jong in the 13-14 girls. Jong, who has produced great results both at home and on the national stage in 2018 settled for the #3A plate, the top two spots going toChloe Gibbons (Centenary Plains BMX Club – 1st) and Isabella Schramm (Ashmore BMX Club – 2nd).

But the biggest race of the day was in the 13-14 boys class with world champion, Thomas Tucker (Pine Rivers BMX Club) and defending Aussie champion Jordan Callum (Rockingham BMX Club) going head to head.

After a slow start, which may have affected his speed on the first straight, Tucker struggled to rejoin the pack, eventually ending up seventh. It was a different tale for Callum, who took the lead and never looked back as he grabbed another #1A plate.

For a full list of results click HERE!

Get ready for a double dosage of BMX when the majority of the 20 inch challenge riders attacking the track in a two block session tomorrow (Friday March 23).

Then hold onto your hats for Saturday when the rest of the challenge riders and the elites go head to head  to wrap up our 2018 National Championships in Bunbury.