Some kids don’t have cleats; others ride a bike that is older than their mate…Ky Palin has 45% less lung capacity…and there’s nothing stopping him

Imagine getting half way through a race, rugby match, or other sporting event and feeling like you can’t breath. It’s what most of us expect from tough physical effort, the need to sit down and take some slow, long and deep breaths, while feeling a little light headed.

Imagine if you had to deal with that, even when you weren’t doing physical activities.

Ky Palin is part of the Ashmore BMX Club, he is committed, kind and loves everything to do with BMX. He races his heart out every time he touches the track, but he also has to deal with Cystic Fibrosis. CF affects the cells that produce mucus, sweat and digestive juices. The affect results in fluids becoming thick and sticky which then plug up tubes, ducts and passageways.

Spending countless hours in the hospital, having constant complications and knowing that there isn’t a cure for this condition, Palin’s ability to continue living life to the fullest is an infectious trait. It’s what his parents love about him.

To celebrate Ky’s incredible character, Make-A-Wish Australia – Gold Coast Branch have fulfilled his dream and got in contact with Aussie Olympian Caroline Buchanan. Check out the video from Ashmore BMX Club below.

You know you’ve managed to find a great sport when it doesn’t just provide happiness and a fantastic community, but also helps people overcome their challenges.

“BMX is his love”, Palin’s parents said.

“It helps a great deal with his condition and he loves the friendships here at the club and getting involved with the kids.”

Dealing with his condition from a young age, Ky has managed to cover up his CF and keep it quiet. He recently got out of hospital after just learning he has a 55% lung capacity. That night he competed in a race, which had the best in his age group.

Palin’s commitment in 2018 is that he wants to win a plate

The Make A Wish Foundation dedicates itself to arranging experiences described as “wishes to children with life threatening conditions.”