Giving officials better tools when working on the track

The Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport work extremely hard to assist the sporting organisations in this country with the best possible resources and opportunities.

Two of BMX Australia’s very own officials, Michelle Darker and Gary Pettett, were granted with one of these opportunities and attended the National Officiating Scholarship Program in Canberra.

Darker and Pettett attended three workshops which occurred from March through to November. They weren’t the only ones to attend these with officials coming from various sports from across Australia’s vibrant sporting platforms.

“The cross pollination was fantastic”, Darker explained.

“All the different sports coming together was incredibly interesting and I’ve met some great people who are now contacts and more importantly friends.”

Included within the program was the chance to learn from a wide variety of specialists who were disciplined in nutrition, recovery and psychology for all elite athletes. These programs were valuable to Darker because they will assist her until she decides to hang up her officiating boots.

“I can’t wait for the National Series and the Championships, it’s such a great event”, Darker exclaimed.

“I’m also looking forward to passing the ENC course (Elite National Commissaire)”.

Having been part of such a successful and exciting program, Darker now wants to encourage those aspiring scholarship candidates that they need to go in with an open mind and be willing to try just about anything.

If you’re looking to join Michelle in assisting with officiating at our National Series and Championships CLICK HERE!

For those eager to begin their officiating career, check out our pathway HERE.

We look forward to seeing you at our fantastic events in the BMX calendar. Congratulations to both Darker and Pettett on their achievement.