WA riders have made a menace of themselves stealing Victorian plates, who will return serve in Bunbury next year?

There may still be 15 weeks until the 2018 BMX Australia National Championships at Bunbury BMX Club, but that hasn’t stopped 15 Western Australian riders firing a warning shot to their Victorian rivals.

Just on two weeks ago the BMX Victoria State Championships were held at Wyndham BMX Club, and with it came a contingent of WA rider’s intent on upsetting the apple cart.

Highlighting the results for the riders from the west was Sophie Taylor of Karratha BMX Club who won both the 12-girls and 11/12-girls Cruiser classes. Also claiming a #1V plate was Shayla Winwood from Byford BMX Club winning the 13/14-girls Cruiser race, while also finishing seventh in the 13-girls race.

Continuing the female charge was Felicity Mann from Wanneroo BMX Club who was first in the 14-girls, while Westside BMX Club favourite Kirsten Dellar won the elite women’s race.

Kobe Barnes, Sophie Taylor, Kirsten Dellar and Felicity Mann with their #1V plates. (PIC: BMX Sports WA Facebook page)

On the men’s side of the ledger Kobe Barnes was a standout as he upstaged the 16-boys race to claim the winners plate, while also walking away with second place in the 15/16-boys Cruiser event.

To see the full list of WA riders who scored a Victorian plate, see the list at the base of this article!

The 2018 Aussie titles are now almost 100 days away, undoubtedly there will be Victorian riders plotting their revenge…but instead of nabbing a state plate, they’ll be intent on denying a few WA riders the chance to win an Australian plate on home turf.

With plenty to look forward to on the track in 2018, bring on a couple of sporting rivalries to go with the race action!

Congratulations to the below riders from WA who won a VIC plate!   

  • Dylan Andrews, Hills BMX Club – #7V, 11-boys
  • Sienna Sharp, Byford BMX Club – #6V, 11-girls
  • Joshua Swiatek, Karratha BMX Club – #2V, 12-boys
  • Sophie Taylor, Karratha BMX Club – #1V, 12-girls
  • Sophie Taylor, Karratha BMX Club – #1V, 11/12-girls Cruiser
  • Shayla Winwood, Byford BMX Club – #7V, 13-girls
  • Shayla Winwood, Byford BMX Club – #1V, 13/14-girls Cruiser
  • Taylor Campbell, Southside BMX Club – #3V, 14-boys
  • Isaiah Crook-Sims, Southside BMX Club – #5V, 14-boys
  • Cory Crombie, Bunbury BMX Club – #8V, 14-boys
  • Felicity Mann, Wanneroo BMX Club – #1V, 14-girls
  • Jayden Kelly, Byford BMX Club – #3V, 15-boys
  • Jayden Kelly, Byford BMX Club – #6V, 15/16-boys Cruiser
  • Kobe Barnes, Byford BMX Club – #1V, 16-boys
  • Kobe Barnes, Byford BMX Club – #2V, 15/16-boys Cruiser
  • Bianca Campbell, Southside BMX Club – #4V, 16 girls
  • Kirsten Dellar, Westside BMX Club – #1V, Elite Women
  • Catherine Hopkins, Hills BMX Club – #7V, Elite Women
  • Darryn Walker, Southside BMX Club – #1V, 30-34 Men’s Cruiser

(Cover PIC: BMX Sports WA Facebook page)