This €2,500 (just under AUD$3,900) whip might not be the go to for Friday night gates…but it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual

Empty your wallet, or be content window-shopping with this one.

Fashion has met BMX and the result is an eye-popping set of wheels, and the price point is exactly what you would expect from the collaboration two high-end French brands.

French luxury goods company Dior – through their Dior Homme division for men – have created a limited edition bike with Parisian bike label Bogarde, who take their inspiration from 1980’s bicycles.

(Would you outlay the cash for this bike? PIC:

The result is a chrome-tinted BMX bike finished with Dior Homme’s black and red house colours, with the brand’s bee logo engraved on the handles. This will be the first in a series of three designs, and in total only 70 will be produced.

The bike will officially be launched today at the Sole DXB streetwear festival, which runs until December 9 in Dubai. After that, it will be available upon request in Diore Homme boutiques around the world.

While this one might not be the fastest, most efficient bike that will win you a world title, it will certainly be a head turner…that’s if you’re willing to ride a designer bike to the shops and back.

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