“I’ve raked every berm and every jump on the track, seeing kids enjoying themselves on it makes it all worthwhile.”

PIC: Courtesy of the Dysart BMX Club

It is a well-known fact that the BMXA family could not get off the ground if it wasn’t for the outstanding dedication of volunteers and the clubs that they so faithfully grind for.

A club that has begun its rejuvenation is the Dysart BMX Club, located 936km’s north of Brisbane, who held a hugely successful Ride In2BMX event on Sunday May 26.

Why was it a success?

The BMX club had 30 interested and energetic individuals turn up to the Dysart dirt to get a taste of BMX and 22 came away not only with big smiles on their faces, but with a BMXA membership to go with it.

Helping to make the event what is was is the Dysart secretary Ellen Madden who has only recently handed over her role as president to her husband, Ben.

“The Ride In2BMX event was a massive step for us,” Madden explained.

“It was the first thing that we have done as a club after working on the track for four years. We almost felt like we weren’t ready to go, but just decided to go for it and we are really happy we did.”

Hosting a Ride In2BMX event is a big but potentially rewarding task with Madden illuminating that the management of volunteers to ensure that participants are well looked after was the hardest task.

“Going through the processes with BMXA was really easy,” Madden continued.

“The difficulty for us was that we didn’t have anyone qualified enough to be the officials and coaches. We had to look for support from the clubs around us and we were fortunate that they were happy to come out and help us.”

With such an impressive conversion rate, there must have been a secret to getting so many interested riders to turn up.

 The Dysart secret?


“People were always asking us how the track is coming along, and it was a really good feeling saying that we were open for business,” Madden said.

“Word of mouth seemed to do the trick, but we really hit the jackpot when my husband went to the school.

“He put on a BMXA video and the kids were screaming and really into it.”

Working tirelessly on the track for four years, Ellen and her team are still in a little bit of shock since holding the event and can’t believe that they had such a popular turn out.

“My favourite part was seeing so many kids on the track,” Madden said.

“I’ve raked every berm and jump on that thing and seeing so many kids out there enjoying it was really surreal. I couldn’t even use my normal parking space because it had been taken!”

So, what’s next on the agenda for the newly reformed BMX club?

Racing… and plenty of it.

“We host race nights every week now and we are continually getting better and better at running them,” she said.

“We are still getting used to the process, but alongside signing up riders, we also got their parents to sign up as volunteers as well!

“We figured that we needed to build a community to help this club continue and the parents were more than happy to put their names down.

“Obviously the end point would be to host our own carnival, which would not only be great for the club but for the town as well. But we are way off that, just holding successful race nights is our goal for now.”

The membership age demographic at the Queensland club ranges from as young as two-years old to three dads in their late 30’s, who didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Going from five members to 27 with the help of a Ride In2BMX event has paid dividends for the club and Ellen is in it for the purest of reasons.

“Three of those starting five members were mine!” she laughed.

“My kids wanted to race and it’s just another thing for kids in this town to do. My kids have always loved their bikes and now they can make the most of it every week.”

Are you interested in holding a Ride In2BMX event?

The event is the best way for your club to increase its membership numbers – and if you hold one during a national series stage in your state, BMXA will provide your club with some advertising support!

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