Don’t miss out on signing up for round one of the National Series at Penrith BMX Club, closing this Friday!

The National Series is rapidly approaching with round one kicking off at Penrith BMX Club on February 17. In the build up to the first event of the year, here is all you need to know.

This Friday, January 26, entries to round one at Penrith are closing at 11pm AEDT.  The registration fee is an absolute bargain at $35. ENTER HERE.

You only have to commit to one round at a time! This entry fee is just for round one, which means that it is up to you as to how many events you do during the series.

ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY! Just in case you missed it above. They close at 11pm AEDT this Friday. ENTER HERE.

But if you don’t want to enter just yet, you can enter later…it just means you pay a $25 late fee. And no one wants to do that. So if you want to enter for $35, enter by Friday. In fact, do it before.

Late entries close a week after regular entries, on Friday February 2 – also at 11pm AEDT. If you pay a late entry, your entry will cost $60…not $35. You choose.

Furthermore, the technical guide to the series has been released for some time. To find out all the rules and regulations which are required of you to compete in our National Series, head HERE!

The event schedule has also been released for your planning and it is setting up to be a ripper round. Important times to note down are that moto’s one and two (excluding championship classes) will be held on Saturday February 17, with the gates dropping at 4pm AEDT.

The rest of the racing and championship classes are on following day, and the racing heats up from 9am.

For the full schedule of the jam-packed weekend, head HERE.

If this doesn’t satisfy your thirst, head to the full events page HERE for all your information in what will be a great start to an exciting series.


  • Entries close this Friday – January 26 for Round one of the National Series at Penrith BMX Club…you should enter now. CLICK HERE. (We think we’ve made our point)
  • You can sign up for as many or as few national series events as you like!
  • Entries for Penrith close this Friday (We think we’ve made our point)
  • The technical guide is HERE!
  • The event schedule is HERE!
  • For all your needs and information head to the event page – HERE!