Set your reminder, get in early and get ready for an exciting 2019 season.

COVER PIC: Shredders at the 2018 BMXA National Championships at Bunbury BMX Club, WA. (pic courtesy of Energy Images)

The 2019 BMX Australia BAD BOY Nationals Championships and National Series are building up steam and as a result, entries for the events will be opening at 6am AEDT on Saturday December 1.

Open your calendars and begin making plans as BMX Australia ventures to every single state and territory to provide top tier BMX racing around the country.

Shepparton BMX Club in Victoria will come alight from May 20 as the week-long national titles attract riders from far and wide to compete for the chance to win a #1A plate and become a national champion.

The host club are currently in the finishing stages of building their 8-metre hill, which will give Australian riders at nationals the chance to get top class race experience in Shepparton prior to taking on the best in the world in the UCI Superclass World Cup round at the same venue in 2020.

For more information on the #BMXANATS19 – CLICK HERE

Similar to its predecessor, the 2019 National Series will visit the remaining states and territories of Australia to showcase the incredible BMX talent throughout the country.

Due to the increased number of rounds for the superclass (8 rounds), each event of the series will be known as a stage.

Another new feature in 2019 will see challenge class riders racing four motos plus qualifiers and a final over two days, rather than the three motos contested in 2018.

For full details, see below.

2019 BMX Australia BAD BOY National Series

STAGE 1: Sydney BMX Club, NSW – February 16-17

FEB 16: Superclass (Rd 1) + Challenge (Rd1)
FEB 17: Superclass (Rd2) + Challenge (Rd1)

STAGE 2: Westside BMX Club, WA – March 2-3
MAR 2: Superclass (Rd3) + Challenge (Rd2)
MAR 3: UCI (Rd1) + Challenge (Rd2)

STAGE 3: Ipswich West Moreton BMX Club, QLD – April 13-14
APR 13:
Superclass (Rd4) + Challenge (Rd3)
APR 14: UCI (Rd2) + Challenge (Rd3)

STAGE 4: Satellite City BMX Club, NT – June 29
JUN 29: UCI (RD3) + Challenge (Rd4)

STAGE 5: The Cove BMX Club, SA – August 24
AUG 24
: Superclass (Rd5) + Challenge (Rd5)

STAGE 6: TBC, TAS – September 21
SEP 21: Superclass (Rd6) + Challenge (Rd6)

STAGE 7: Canberra BMX Club, ACT – October 19-20
OCT 19: Superclass (Rd7) + Challenge (Rd7)
OCT 20: Superclass (Rd8) + Challenge (Rd7)

To find out more information on each stage – CLICK HERE

Alongside entries opening this Saturday (December 1 if you forgot), the technical guides for the national championships and national series are also available.

2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships Technical Guide – CLICK HERE

2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Series Technical Guide – CLICK HERE

Please make sure you read both in their entirety before the events commence and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the head office on 02 9008 1300.