You would be mistaken if you thought that Sam Willoughby’s injury meant you had seen the last of our 2012 Olympic silver medallist.

Everyone wants to know what’s going on in the world of Sam Willoughby

You would be mistaken if you thought that Sam Willoughby’s injury meant you had seen the last of our 2012 Olympic silver medallist.

Over the past week, newspapers across Australia have been desperately scrambling to organise time to speak with Willoughby, as the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships get under way in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Willoughby has been involved with the lead up to the Team Australia world champs campaign by mentoring fellow 2016 Rio Olympian, Lauren Reynolds. Posing the question of whether he will turn his focus now to coaching BMX?

“I do enjoy doing it and it’s something I put a lot of time into,” Willoughby told the Adelaide Advertiser.

The 274 members of the BMX Australia squad, as well as family members and friends, will be lucky enough to attend a night with Willoughby this Thursday in Rock Hill. The event will see him sharing his BMX experiences and wisdom with the group, as well as doing a Q&A session. The entire event will be live streamed on the BMX Australia website, this meaning all the Sam Willoughby fans back home in Australia can too enjoy the experience.

“At first, I thought it would be just for a group of kids and then they put a thing on Facebook so it will be a bit bigger now and I’m excited, I haven’t really spoken face-to-face with anyone like that especially from Australia so it will be nice to share my story and reflect on experiences of the world championships.”

The articles released this week from newspapers such as The Australian and ABC News touch heavily on Willoughby’s rehabilitation progress from his horrific accident in 2016.

“I’m making leaps in the right direction. I’m feeling better with standing and things like that now. I need some assistance to get up, but once I’m up I’ve stood for about three minutes by myself.”

He also mentioned in an interview with the Adelaide Advertiser that he can now easily ride a stationary bike and is doing quite a bit of crawling.

Willoughby has set the goal that he wishes to be able to walk at his wedding to fiancé, USA elite rider Alise Post, on new year’s eve this year.

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