The duo from Maryborough BMX Club made the trip across Bass Strait to Launceston BMX Club

Stuart Odgers claimed a career highlight at last weekend’s BMX Tasmania state titles, walking away with the 6T plate in his class and a great weekend away in the Apple Isle with his son Ben Cann.

The duo from Maryborough BMX Club made the trip across Bass Strait to Launceston BMX Club – hosts of the final round of the 2018 BMXA National Series – to take part in the Tassie state titles. The trip underscored their love of the sport.

For Cann, his bike represents a chance to get out and chase a massive thrill. The eight-year-old rider earned a spot in the semi-finals last weekend, and told the Fraser Coast Chronicle that he can’t wait to keep riding into the new year.

“I feel really good knowing I went there and tried my hardest, and didn’t fall off,” Ben said.

“Riding is great fun, you get more exercise.

“I’ll definitely keep riding for next year.”

Meanwhile it was a return to Tasmania for Odgers, who has previously raced there, and with it came a strong result for the former racer.

“It’s the biggest achievement for me this year, to have this plate,” Stuart said.

“I’m pretty impressed with myself and thankful I didn’t fall off, it’s been a while since I rode on the track.”

Like his son, Odgers also plans to renew his membership and race for another year.

Support and positive reports of the experience racing in Tasmania from riders Like Cann and Odgers, who hail from the mainland, bodes well for the role BMX Tasmania will play on the national scene in 2018. After also attending the weekend’s state titles, BMXA President Neil Cameron said that the state is ready to host the national series.

“They’ve got a good facility at Launceston, and the Tasmanian members deserve the support of the ‘mainlanders’, everyone should check it out,” Cameron said.

“Everyone is excited to host the final round of the national series, and if the vibe of the state titles is anything to go by, their excitement is justified. They also had great hospitality.”

But for now, the pride from the weekend belongs to those who competed, and for Maryborough BMX Club there is plenty of praise for the father/son duo who travelled south and had a dig.

“The club is very proud of them [Cann and Odgers) … having that high of a level of representation is a huge achievement.” Baker told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

“Travelling to Tasmania is a long way to go for two Maryborough riders.”

*This article originally appeared as ‘Father and son take home Tassie plates’ in the Fraser Coast Chronicle