Fletcher Klepiak and Bailey Mills both travelled to the USA BMX Grands this year, and it didn’t disappoint. On track, off track, both riders had the time of their lives.

The USA BMX Grands, a rider favourite and (un) arguably THE MOST attended BMX event in the world. They call it the greatest race on earth, and only a brave person would dispute that.

This year we asked riders to send in a few pics and some comments following their experience in Tulsa, Oklahoma during November.

Before we shut the door on 2017, check out the story of two families who attended, the Klepiak’s and Mills’.

Fletcher Klepiak 

The Grands were not more than a dream for Fletcher when he jumped on the track as a Sprocket, and so it is little surprise that the experience was everything he expected.

“We went as a family to support him,” said dad Luke.

“Fletch has always watched the Grands, ever since taking up the sport as a Sprocket. So to see the look on his face when he walked into the venue, it was priceless.”

It isn’t only the racing that was a highlight; Fletcher got to meet his hero Niek Kimmann and other pro’s. His father continued that the event is a Mecca for BMX riders.

“The Grands are very relaxed, you’ll meet your favourite rider either at a signing session or just walking around the venue. It really is a paradise for BMXers and something you have to experience at least once if you’re able to,” he said.

Not a bad tick on the bucket list for the family from the regional club of Wodonga in Victoria. Oh, and Fletcher rode to 7th in the 9-10 Open Class, and also made the semis in the 10 Expert Race of Champions event. Nice.

Bailey Mills

Second place in the 9-boy’s expert class was a great result for youngster Bailey Mills.

What made it even more exciting for the current world #2; the racer that beat him was the USA’s Karter ‘K-MAN’ Montellano, who’s currently ranked world #2 in the 10-boys. A #W2 vs. #W2 battle, we’ll take that any day of the week.

Finishing runner-up might not have been the desired result at the outset, but all things considered it was a strong result and no doubt stoked Mills’ passion for the sport even further.

In his other result Bailey scored sixth in the 9-10 boy’s Open Class.

It was a true family affair for the Mills’, Bailey’s older sister Sacha also scoring a top result, 7th in the 11-girl’s. That event had true international representation, with girls from Bolivia, Colombia, NZ, Canada and the USA also involved. Four of the riders, including Sacha, made up #W1 to #W4.

Anyone dispute that this event draws the crème de la crème? Nice work Aussies.