11-years-old and leading from the front! BMX rider Jake Easton took on the task of organising his own ride to school day. We’ve been saving this story for the last week of 2017, because it’s one of our favourites!

It’s fantastic when your sport provides its participants with the opportunity to find enjoyment and a sense of belonging, but also encourages them to share that fun, enjoyment and inclusion with others.

The good news is, BMX has that in spades and our members love sharing their passion. Earlier this year, 11-year-old Jake Easton did just that – he inspired others by creating a ride to school event on November 18.

A member of Park Orchards BMX Club, Jake organised the event with his community of Warrandyte in Victoria. The ride was to promote bike riding for the health and enjoyment it delivers.

As a part of his event, Jake reached out to BMX Australia and requested a few prizes, things like stickers. Our Participation Manager thought we could help Jake up the ante a little more, so sent him hats, t-shirts and water bottles to share with everyone that supported his event.

Jake managed to get 30 of his peers joining in, an outstanding effort and great effort for his small school. A couple were already riders of Park Orchards BMX, but for those that weren’t Jake’s mum Brigitte said that plenty now had BMX on their radar!

Promoting bike riding for health and happiness is an amazing initiative from one of our own.

Who knows, maybe the 18th of November will become a national day for BMX riders around Australia to share and spread the wonderful sport we are all involved in.

Well done to young Jake.