Watch our 2018 National Championships on Fox Sports in May!

There have been two confirmed TV shows scheduled on Fox Sports showing our 2018 National Championships which took place at Bunbury BMX Club on March 19.

Working alongside the team at EpiCentre, the live stream of the event was an added bonus to an already stellar week of racing in Western Australia.

The two dates/times that Fox Sports have locked in for the TV show are on May 1 and May 5.

  • The show on May 1 will be on Fox Sports 7 and will be aired at 4:30pm AEST.
  • The show on May 5 will be on Fox Sports 3 and will be aired at 7:30pm AEST.

We have been informed that the above times aren’t the only chance viewers will have in order to watch the show. They will be broadcasting it a number of times yet these two above are the only ones confirmed.

Once they are confirmed we will release the information as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more information on our Facebook page. But have a listen to our President, Neil Cameron who talks about Bunbury and the WA.