​Funding and Grant applications are a way for your club to receive money from the local council, state government or other  funding programs targeted at  specific initiatives.

There are regular grants and funding programs available in each State/Territory. Sometimes these  can also be offered as a series of funding  rounds.

Grants and Funding Programs can assist clubs grow, support sport and recreation at the grass roots level, improve facilities, promote participation in sport and physical activity and provide a focal point for community building and engagement.

Most funding programs are aimed towards not-for-profit community organisations, including sport clubs, with specific criteria that must to be met.

Although criteria may vary with each funding program, all funding applications normally require similar types of information:

  • Contact information
  • The program/project description
  • A brief description of the club applying
  • The program/project budget
  • The amount of assistance being applied for
  • Other sources of funding for the project
  • How the applicant’s club meets the grant criteria
  • A guarantee that the program will proceed and monies received will be spent on the purpose the money was given
  • Copies of the latest annual report and audited accounts can sometimes also be requested

Regularly check the websites of your local council, State Government/Territory Sport and Recreation or subscribe to a newsletter that provides information on grants that are available.


Sponsorship for your club can assist your club with equipment, uniforms, facilities, presentation evenings and general member support. Sponsorship can include providing promotional items for giveaways, funding in return for promoting a sponsor’s company through signage around the track or clubhouse or logos included on event entry forms/booklets, uniforms.

Companies like to find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase brand awareness amongst their target audience. Often they choose to do this through charitable work or sponsorship of community clubs/activities.

Clubs could offer sponsors naming rights for a club participation event such as a Ride in2 BMX event or Club Championships event for which then the sponsor provides promotional items or funding in return.

When requesting sponsorship, make sure your sponsorship proposal outlines the  benefits the sponsors will obtain from promoting the event.

Such benefits include: increasing brand loyalty, brand differentiation, awareness and visibility, highlighting corporate social responsibility (ie enhances a company’s credibility) client entertainment and of course increased sales as a result of their sponsorship.

Local bike shops, butchers, bakeries, car dealers, building companies, plumbers and confectionery companies are a great place to start.


For an example of a sponsorship letter, please CLICK HERE .