After a successful 2019 as the official BMXA photographer, Get Snapt is back for another year and is keen to see what 2020 has installed.


Mel Faull and her team are back to cover all angles from start to finish at the national championships in Launceston and all national series events this year.

Over the last year, Get Snapt attended eight events and took over 10,000 photos with close to 4,000 at the national championships alone, managing to capture the pure emotion of BMX, the behind scenes that we sometimes miss and the crazy moments this sport constantly dishes us.

One moment that encapsulated the spirit of the BMXA family was at the national championships during the pro spectacular.

“I managed to capture Gemma-Lee Thomas stopping in the middle of the pro spectacular to place the show of her Sprocket back on, that has to be my favourite moment of 2019,” Mel said.

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Speaking to Mel ahead of her first event back, she gave us an insight into her favourite photos from 2019.

“At Sat City last year, the sun was setting and due to an unfortunate bush fire nearby, there was a fair bit of smoke haze, thus the contrast between the pitch black background and lights on the riders led to the perfect photo for riders coming down the eight metre,” Mel said.

Outside of BMX, Get Snapt has been busy covering South Australian swimming championships, Little Athletics and a plethora of other sports across South Australia.

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