Snapping the 2019 BMXA season with style, Get Snapt have got all the angles covered.

COVER PIC: Get Snapt capturing the action at the fifth round of the 2018 National Series at Cross Keys BMX Club. (Pic courtesy of Get Snapt)

We are pleased to announce Get Snapt as the official BMXA photographer for the 2019 season.

Led by Mel Faull, the South Australian team will be ensuring that the 2019 BMXA BAD BOY National Championships and National Series are captured in all its glory.

In the past, BMXA and Get Snapt worked closely to cover the fifth round of the 2018 national series at the Cross Keys BMX Club in Adelaide. Throughout the weekend, Faull and her team snapped hundreds of images including this cracking image below of the women’s superclass final.

Since then, Get Snapt has been busy covering a Little Athletics program, a swimming carnival and numerous other events in her state.

But where did it all start for Faull as a photographer?

“Growing up I always wanted to be a photographer. But I ended up taking a different pathway completing an economics degree at university,” Faull said.

“I had a successful kid’s sports business which took off and spread to thirteen other countries, but a few years ago I decided to pick up a camera and have never looked back.”

 Capturing sporting events is a pretty special feeling and alongside multiple other reasons there is one that truly stands out for Faull.

“The most rewarding thing about being a photographer, is when an athlete you’ve taken a photo of absolutely loves it and they’re so happy that you have captured that moment for them. They want to share it with everyone, and it is a pretty special feeling,” Faull continued.

Get Snapt have also worked alongside BMXSA to help capture their state series and there is no denying that Faull has a soft spot for BMXA members. Reflecting on the national series last year, Faull can’t think of a better place to be a sports photographer.

“The atmosphere, the riders, and the supporters. A connection of all three is why I love BMX events. Alongside an awesome atmosphere, everyone gets along and helps each other out whether they are experienced or not. Parents are always chipping in and giving a hand and it is a great place to be around… it’s a really good vibe,” Faull said.

There are many perks to covering the entire 2019 BMXA season and for Get Snapt, there is one thing that will be a constant drive throughout the year.

“I just really love taking BMX photos,” Faull confessed.

“I think it’s the attitude that the riders express. The riders put everything into their racing, and it comes across in photos. I don’t think you can ever take a bad BMX photo!

“I guess if I could wake up and do what I love to do, then it’s pretty great, and BMX helps me do that.”

Lots of travelling will be on the agenda for Get Snapt, but there is one place in particular that Mel is most looking forward too.

“I can’t wait to see Tasmania. I’ve never been, and they don’t get a lot of big national events, so I really want to help give them the exposure they deserve. They seem to have a really good community spirit and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Labelling themselves as sports action specialists, Get Snapt have covered numerous large sport events for state and national sporting organisations and this year, they are helping us to get the job done!

Are you interested in some special shots of yourself and your family?

Take a look at their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE to see their work. Or simply drop an email to

While you’re there, take a look at the action captured at the fifth round from last year… you won’t be disappointed!