Competing at a UCI World Championship is no small feat and for Sydney BMX Club’s Melanie Gibson, she came out on top with a silver medal in the 40+ women’s cruiser class… very impressive!

Alongside her outstanding success on the track, Gibson is also an avid teacher of the sport and has been working hard to spread the word of BMX by coaching throughout NSW.

Based in Woolloomooloo, the beginner coach frequently travels down to Tuggeranong BMX Club to assist in coaching our up-and-coming riders in the area.

Funnily enough, the rest of Australia is heading down to Canberra this weekend for the sixth round of the 2018 BMXA National Series and who better to get the inside loop on the track than one of the most qualified coaches there!

Below is Gibson’s run down on the Tug track, take notes!

Start Gate

The start gate is quite steep and has a bit of an old-fashioned start gate. It drops very fast and has a slight angle forward in comparison to other gates that are upright.”

First Straight

The first straight is very fast with the first jump being a double which then goes into a step-up table top. The first corner is quite a long sweeping left hand corner. Watch out for the white line in the first corner and be careful not to cross it.

You want to get to the inside line going into the first corner with quite a few peddles to the first long table top jump.

After the long sweeping corner, the track splits off to the pro straight or the amateur straight on the inside.

Amateur Straight

The amateur straight is a rhythm section which involves a step-up, step-down, a tiny table top into another triple and then a step-up.

Last Straight

The last berm is a right-hand corner which goes into a fun little last straight which has a little table top, a double, triple and then a step-down.

Recommendations for new riders to the track

 For a new rider to the track I think it’s important that they make sure to move over to the inside line on the first corner and try and squeeze in as many peddle opportunities as you can, so you can keep up speed as you peddle across the double in the second straight.


Tuggeranong has dirt corners which have been packed down very hard on top. The berms are as hard as any bitumen track, but it is still a dirt berm. I would say even though they’re dirt still make sure you dig in and lean in.

That’s it from our silver medallist, make sure to keep up to date on our social media channels as we provide you with all the action, reports and awesome images throughout our coverage of the BMXA national series round.