Creating a structure and development pathway that encourages riders to pursue their career in the direction that best suits them

Furthering the BMX careers of Australian riders in a way that best suits the individual has been highlighted as a priority in the refinement of BMX Australia’s Athlete Pathway, and subsequent structuring of the new for 2018 BMXA National Team.

In previous years BMXA have supported riders through the ‘Development Academy’, however with the appointment of Luke Madill as the National Coaching Manager, the Academy name has been retired. The BMXA National Team takes its place, and with it a holistic approach to rider development.

It also places increased focus on providing support to the national coaching network.


The intention behind the BMXA National Team is to develop and encourage riders to pursue their BMX careers in a direction that best suits them. It encompasses a broadened scope of what constitutes an international competition, with an aim to assist riders transitioning to all levels of international competition within the sport.

The document steps through the objectives of the BMXA National Team, athlete pathway and structure of how the team is selected and what benefits are bestowed upon riders. Importantly it also details a performance guide which will be used by National Coaching Management to measure where a rider sits on the athlete pathway.

In addition to rider support, education and development of coaches has an increased emphasis. Increased collaboration between National, State and Club coaches will facilitate ongoing professional development of coaches, which will have a flow on effect for riders.

These steps at a coaching level will form the crux of how riders not selected in the BMXA National Team, or who have been earmarked for future selection are supported. Sitting below the top tier team will be the BMXA Talented Athlete Program (TAP). Full details of the eligibility criteria for the TAP are identified in the attached document.

Rider support for those included in the TAP will primarily come from the rider’s state and their state coach. BMXA Australian Coaching Management will oversee the program and provide support for both the riders and coaches in the program.

Finally it should be noted that the Cycling Australia High Performance (CAHP) program operates completely separately to BMX Australia. Cycling Australia controls the selection of elite and junior elite riders for World Championship or Olympic events (BMXA remains in control of all Challenge classes). CAHP look after a very limited number of riders, focusing only on those believed to have the ability to win Olympic Medals.

Membership of the BMXA National Team does not guarantee any form of preferential treatment for riders to be considered to the CAHP program. BMXA have no say in the selection process designed by Cycling Australia.

This again reiterates BMXA’s stance to broaden the assistance offered to riders.


BMX Australia is committed to developing and fostering the aspirations of riders throughout the country. The BMX Australia National Team is one component of a many-pronged strategy designed to help our riders achieve their dreams.