BMXA’s new mini-wheeler coordinator course is empowering younger members to give back to their sport, as well as also providing a perfect kickstart to their coaching careers. Read on!

Since November 2018, a mini-wheeler coordinator coaching course has become available for members aged 14 and above, enabling them to assist in the development of BMXA’s youngest shredders. The course’s primary focus is to ensure that coordinators encourage their mini-wheelers to ride for fun!

 One member who has jumped at this opportunity is Penrith’s Nicola Fleming. The 14-year old and her family have been big part of the NSW club for many years and when the course became available, Fleming thought it was a great chance to give back to the sport.

“I’m a mini-wheeler coordinator because I get to teach kids from a very young age. They get to have fun on their bikes each week and I feel great knowing I’m giving back to the club and the sport,” Fleming said.

“My favourite thing about being a coordinator is that I get to see the young ones’ progress and the smiles on their faces are pretty cool.”

Praising her daughter’s actions was Donna, who is another passionate BMXA member. In fact, the whole family are very connected with the Penrith BMX Club and Donna is well aware that their local needs more coaches to step up and help out where they can.

“I’m very proud of her,” Donna explained.

“We don’t have many club coaches at Penrith and it’s great that this course can get the younger ones involved, even helping at clubbies.”

The course inspired Nicola to provide an array of activities for mini-wheelers including stretching, weaving through cones and getting used to racing important parts of the track.

Alongside helping to guide BMXA’s youngest riders, the course is also the first stepping stone for participants to begin their coaching careers.

With the beginner coaching accreditation only available to 16-years and above, this new course is the perfect opportunity to get some experience before coming of age.

Fleming is the perfect example of this and has a strong message to her fellow teenagers to get around it.

“Just do it!” she said.

“It’s a great thing to do helping the younger ones’ progress and helping the little ones with those big smiles on their faces.

“When I turn 16, I’m going to get my beginner coaching course accreditation to help the sprockets and beginners and I guess I’ll just keep going up!”

So what are you waiting for?

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