With the Sqorz Virtual Leaderboard now live for almost two months, we go around the country to see what clubs and members think of the new technology and how it’s affected their clubbies/races since returning to the track.

BMX Australia has partnered with Eventsoft Pty. Ltd. to provide any BMXA member free access to Sqorz Training for the last two months as a member benefit and BMXA have listened to the positive feedback and extended this benefit to the end of September.

One of the first states to get back to racing was the Northern Territory and Jingili BMX Club was one of the first clubs to try the Sqorz Virtual Leaderboard.

“The Sqorz Leaderboard has provided a platform for riders to not only chase their personal best’s but also reach for the marks of their peers without everyone being at the track at the same time.” Jingili BMX club’s Jason Eecen said.

Clubs have been astounded by the instantaneous feedback on lap times the virtual leaderboard system provides, which has been significantly beneficial for gate nights with lots of clubs noticing more riders attending.

Jason Langford, president of the Hedland BMX club stated it would change their training sessions completely.

“We have mounted a monitor at our finish line so the riders can check their performance between motos and this has resulted in great excitement and instant improvements in our riders’ times. We plan to utilise this feature to better develop our training sessions,“ Langford said.

Happy Valley BMX Results Screen

Happy Valley BMX Club in South Australia put LED lights on the Sqorz Results screen at their club gates night.

Posted by Sqorz on Friday, 10 July 2020

Check out Happy Valley BMX Club utilising the system! 

On top of increasing rider participation, it’s also changed riders’ motivation as they focus less on their place and more on beating their own times and improving in certain areas of the track.

Euan Rowlands of Castle Hill BMX club echoed this by saying, “Sqorz Training provides motivation for all levels of rider. They’re no longer concentrating on their position but trying to beat their own PBs. The kids love to see their times and show their parents and friends that they are improving!”

For clubs and coaches, keeping account of riders and setting up gate nights is streamlined due to the auto register. Clubs and coaches can easily keep track of expired licenses and warn riders when their license is close to expiring. 

“The feedback from both riders and parents has been very positive and from an administration point of view it has been very easy to implement and use.” Kim Lipman, the registrar of Gawler BMX club, said.

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  1. Ensure you have an active transponder and BMX Australia has your correct details in the member database
  2. Ride a lap at any track in Australia that has a timing system and Sqorz software
  3. Check your times on a mobile phone at My Sqorz
  4. Confirm your place on the Sqorz Leaderboard at Our Sqorz
  5. Do it all again and improve your time and place on the Sqorz Leaderboard!

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